Praise the Lord! I prayed so hard for my students before, during and after the exams. When it was announced that we had 100% passes, I was extremely grateful to the Lord and was very happy for my students. Many of them struggled to understand Math concepts and when they did understand, retention and application did not come easy. I am glad they are all deemed to be suited for secondary school. I am also glad to have been chosen to walk part of their journey with them.

Here are some sweet notes from the students:


I thank God for bestowing favour upon the younger child. She was given the opportunity to be a class leader this year and according to a friend who was in class during voting, she received the highest number of votes among the nominees. Her Chinese teacher commended her for having good attitude in learning a number of times and her form teachers were kind and nurturing.

I was commenting on the favour that the Lord had bestowed upon her when the husband asked me whether I had prayed for favour for myself. Contrary to my daughter's experience, I seemed to be in my bosses' bad books, although my kind students and some colleagues had affirmed the work of my hands. 

Upon reflection, I realised that all my past successes had been His blessings. I did not have to strive for leadership positions in my previous work places. The Lord blessed me with so much favour that in my first work place, two heads approached me and asked if I wanted to take over them when they left. I was given awards when all I did was to do what I enjoyed (e.g. plan fun events, create a learning corner etc). The bosses placed me in areas where I was strong at and I did not even have to make my preferences known. On the other hand, I almost begged for a particular deployment recently so that I could implement what I had learnt during a course. My pleas fell on deaf ears and I am now deployed to do what is not my strong suit.

My heart is heavy. I have been reflecting on leadership and I think it is so important for a leader to know his staff well and to place them where they can shine. It is also crucial to listen to the staff. Sigh. Nevertheless, I am encouraged to pray for favour with God and men. May the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 be upon me once again. May He bless my going in and my going out and may my baskets be filled so that I can fill the baskets of others. I commit my new deployment into Your hands. Bless the people in my charge and may each one of them fulfil their potential. 

Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men. Luke 2:52


Yay! The younger child cycled independently today. Another milestone checked off the list. Praise God for her determination and tenacity. 😊 Skating will be next. 

Gratefulness Journal #17

I would have liked to say everything's great and that I love my job, but at the moment, although I do love my basic role, there are many happenings that make me feel disgruntled. I have even lost my self-esteem and have decided that voicing any opinion will put me in greater trouble rather than improve situations.

Yet, I have labelled this post as one of my gratefulness journals as there is nothing too difficult for My Father. The bottomline is that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thus, no matter what lemons are thrown along my way, I will make refreshing lemonade or even lemon meringue cake with Christ as my Head Chef. 

Make lemon meringue cakes with lemons πŸ˜ŠπŸ‹

I also thank God that my close friends and family members celebrated my birthday in cosy settings. The number of people wishing me has dwindled over the years, but I am thankful for faithful comrades who have stood by me. May the year ahead be one where my life will cause others to glorify Him. May His joy and favour radiate through every word and deed so that people will be brought closer to Him. 😊

Gratefulness Journal #16

Not everything went smoothly last week. At the end of July, I met with an accident whereby my mirror was smashed by a public bus. The bus company had viewed the video footage and admitted that the bus captain was at fault. However, when the bus company submitted my receipt for the repairs, their insurers refused to pay for the damage. Their insurers sent me two screenshots of a car overtaking a bus and claimed that I was at fault for overtaking on merging lanes! The screenshots were dubious. Firstly, the road where the accident occurred has no merging lanes. Next, the screenshots showed totally unfamiliar surroundings. The person handling this matter is either downright dishonest or incompetent! I am praying for justice to be done and that I will be compensated for the damage. Thankfully, only the mirror was destroyed and no human was harmed.

This weekend, I am thankful that I managed to read a book, had some down time, went for a walk and painted a picture. I recorded a puppet show on respect and it was well-received by the students - many more students greeted me on that day so I felt that the message to greet the teachers was effectively transmitted. I was also blessed with mooncakes from my brother's family. Finally,  I am extremely thankful for the short work week this coming week. 

We saw this drongo perching peacefully between the trees. People were taking photos of it and it was unfazed by all the attention. May we all experience such peace every day.

Happy birthday, Singapore

For many national days, we have invited friends or family over to watch the parade together / gone to watch the parade ourselves (2019) / went to the bay area to catch the fireworks etc. This year's celebration was muted but I made it a point to celebrate the nation's independence as best as we could. We watched the ceremonial parade this morning, the daughter and I played our own rendition of The Road Ahead and I blasted the many different versions of the said song via YouTube all day. We also played the Singapore Dream together. In the evening, we took a walk to see the lighted National Museum. 

I've always enjoyed the days leading up to National Day and the day itself. I am so thankful that we have peace and stability in this country, knowing that the government is wise and makes sound decisions. I am also thankful that we have another day's break tomorrow as I gear up for a busy three weeks ahead. May our country continue to be blessed, safe and prosperous. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Gratefulness Journal #15

Lately, exhaustion seems to be a common feature of my life. I was at my workplace for 11 hours today and there were still piles of work to be done by the time I left. 

To top off the exhaustion, there were some time-wasting events which occurred. First, my car mirror was violently damaged by a bus! The bus company said it would investigate, then remained silent after its first email. The repairs were not cheap! Then our aircon and TV broke down! What a bummer. 

In the midst of such circumstances, my body was tensed and my mind was not at rest just awhile ago. I forced myself to relax and meditate on Isaiah 40:31 - They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I also thank God for our electronic shoulder massager, which allowed me to calm down and my cheerful daughter, who said she could give me a hand massage. At the moment, I am much calmer! God is truly a very present help in trouble. 

Since I am writing, I remember how happy I was when a student did a practice paper on her own accord and asked if I could mark it on Saturday. Some others have been putting in effort to revise their work and I pray that they would continue to enjoy learning. 

I thank God for the singing and playing of instruments in my home. The little daughter has been belting national songs while the son practises Bach on his violin voluntarily. It is blessed to have children who share my love for music. 

I have decided to share one dish I have cooked in each gratefulness journal. This week's feature is: salmon stew. It was not too difficult to produce and the children asked for seconds. That is the highest compliment of how good a dish is.

I am looking forward to the forthcoming long weekend. I will be catching up on sleep! 


Praise the Lord! I prayed so hard for my students before, during and after the exams. When it was announced that we had 100% passes, I was e...