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Dear Baby

Dear Baby will arrive in approximately 13 weeks' time. It is indeed a joy and wonder the way Baby moves within me. It is also a marvel each time we see Baby on the doctor's screen and when we hear his heartbeat. It is even more miraculous to know that our heavenly Father already knows him, even before we meet him face to face. He is a gift from God, despite the fact that I have already put on more than 10 kg since we found out about him. =P

Many people have demonstrated love whilst I carry Baby.

On the family front, Mum Jenny has brewed countless bowls of ginseng chicken soup and the likes. Mum Christine has bought pairs of flat comfortable slippers and sandals as well as clothes suitable for my changing shape. She has even considered moving to the west to see that Baby's needs are met. Aunt Yueyue has given boxes of birds' nest and has made countless phone calls to ensure that everything is going well. Lester has bought a lovely quilt. Jen has offered useful items like…