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Baby seems to be able to lift his head even higher now. A few blog entries ago, I was commenting that we're leaving the strength of his neck muscles into the Lord's hands. The Lord is answering our prayers. =)

Jed enjoys playing with Grandma.

Aidan strokes his head now and then too.

Jed (and other babies, I suppose) is thrilled whenever he sees lights. He is especially fascinated by the chandelier in the living room and never fails to smile when he sees it. Jen commented that he has expensive taste for mobiles.

9 more nights to Lyndon's return from India and 11 more days to my returning to work. May the Lord grant a smooth transition as I re-enter the workforce and cope with separation anxiety (mine).

Two birthdays

Lyndon writes:

February 9 is both Dylan's and Reuben's birthday.

Salmon and Lianne invited us over for Reuben's 1st birthday.  It was a nice party. Pearlyn and I met some of Lianne's friends at the party whom we knew from different stages of our lives. Apart from us there seemed to be other friends who did not realise the S & L were mutual friends too. Lianne was getting quite amazed at the "six degrees of separation" in operation right before her eyes.

We had this picture taken of  3 moms with their 3 boys.

What was really interesting was that all 3 moms were born on the same year and the 3 boys were all born in 2007. But the uncanniness does not end there. Among the 3 moms, Lianne was born 1st, followed by Bernice then Pearlyn. And the birth order for the 3 boys on 2007? Reuben (Lianne's son), Timothy Dansen (Bernice's son) and Jed (Pearlyn's son) !

Later that evening, we adjourned to Uncle Eng Seng's and Aunt Aileen's place for dinner. A…

Jed's 1st Chinese New Year

Lyndon writes:

February 7 is Jed's exact 3rd month. It was also Chinese New Year's Eve. One of the highlights for CNY is the reunion dinner on the eve of CNY. Jed was happy the whole day. It seemed that he could sense a celebration on the way. There was certainly an air of excitement in his behaviour.

This year, Caryn, Sherry, Fernando and Allejandro made it back from overseas for the dinner. James and Linda were expecting Rui En who is due on 17 Feb. Thankfully Rui En chose to stay a bit longer so James and Linda made it for the dinner.

The excitement and exertions of the day disrupted Jed's schedule. No wonder then very tired Jed's parents did not wake up on CNY morning till 9am - after Aunt mary, James and Linda had already arrived for breakfast.

After breakfast, there was a short lull period which we used to take family pictures.

Jed was a popular subject - this being his 1st CNY!

Pearlyn and I could not resist taking a whole series of shots with Jed. However, not to be…

Aunty Caryn

Lyndon writes:
Caryn came back for Chinese New Year from her overseas business on 31st Jan. This would be her 1st meeting with Jed. When Jed met her, he had no reservations whatsoever. He was quite happy to be carried by Caryn and let Caryn baby sit him. That is so cool.

Jed is now displaying more emotions. He laughs harder but also cries louder when he is displeased. When he is really unhappy only Pearlyn or Lyndon's mom is able to placate him. Usually, he gets unhappy only when he is hungry, sleepy or in a car seat - so it is fairly predictable and preventable.


Lyndon Writes :
The books tell us that the third month is the time when babies make a magical transition in development. Something happens in an infant's nervous system that seems to take the place of the need to eat, sleep and cry all the time; the baby has an increased ability to interact with the world in other ways.

By three months, baby should be able to laugh.

Pearlyn Writes :
Baby first laughed on 24 Jan. I was trying to make him sneeze so that his nose could be cleared. Apparently, he found my antics funny and he started laughing. It was music to my ears.

On Sunday (3 Feb), he laughed again and Lyndon managed to capture photographic evidence of his merriment. =)

By three months, baby should be able to lift head up to 45 degrees while on stomach.

Pearlyn Writes :

Jed has also become more adept at lifting up his head. Tummy time is lasting longer as Baby's neck muscles get stronger. Praise God.

By three months, baby may be able to reach for an object :

Pearlyn Writes :
Whilst I wa…