Friday, 19 December 2014

Gift boxes

As a child, I was told not to waste food as many poor children did not even have food to eat. I remember thinking that even if I finished all my food, the poor children would still not have any food to eat, so I did not heed the advice very well. When I became older, I thought that I should stop eating when I was full, since if I overate, the extra food consumed would do me more harm than good. Although I usually did finish all my food, I had no qualms about food wastage if I was full or if the food was not to my liking. 

A visit to Semakau landfill changed my way of thinking. Semakau landfill is the only landfill in Singapore. It receives incinerated ash and solid waste and at the rate these are sent to the landfill, it will run out of space in about twenty years' time. I was shocked by the amount of food that was wasted daily and made up my mind to contribute as little to this wastage as possible. I also became more mindful of the things I discard or buy now. 

This Christmas, I thought I could re-use some of An's cereal and snack containers as gift boxes. Here are some of the ideas: 

Original cereal tin
Wrapped with 2 pieces of origami paper
Tada! My new gift box.

I carried the idea a little further and here is another gift box: 

The milk carton contained a pencil case and some stationery. 

Mooncake boxes are also useful gift boxes. They are usually huge and are already beautifully decorated, so not much work is needed to make them look presentable. I have used a mooncake box once as a gift box, but unfortunately did not take a picture of it. Recently though, the recipient (a dear friend) got her daughter and nieces to decorate a mooncake box and here is the outcome of their creativity: 

I realised that not everyone might like re-used things so I had to be careful who I gave these boxes to. I don't think my children would mind though, so this year their gifts are simply wrapped with pages from a shopping catalogue: 

Do share if you have other ideas to save our world. 

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