Tuesday, 30 December 2014


J has been wanting to fly at Ifly, and we finally managed to schedule a flight this holiday. He was very excited about the flight and told us that it was his second favourite activity this holiday even before we went. 

However, during the flight, he was somehow frightened by the experience and struggled and kicked, so the trainer sent him out of the chamber after about 4 seconds. I was disappointed at first that he gave up so soon. He was the only one in the group who did not manage to fly independently. 

Two things that I read today encouraged me. The first was in a devotional. A pastor of a large congregation confessed that as a boy, he stammered and stuttered and he would never have imagined himself preaching to so many people. I also read that as a boy, Gandhi was so shy that he ran home after school every day to avoid meeting people. Although not directly related, I was encouraged to believe that traits such as courage and perseverance could be developed. I would continue to pray that J would demonstrate positive traits that would help him serve God effectively. 

On flying, everyone else in our group seemed to enjoy himself. There were other young children who flew successfully (Minimum age for flying is 7 years). I myself am inspired to fly too, so we would be back at Ifly someday. 

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