Monday, 1 December 2014

Look at Me, I'm a Monster!

We are currently overseas and one book I brought as entertainment for An is 'Look at Me, I'm A Monster'. This is one of the few books she stays still  to listen while I read and usually beckons for me to repeat. On one occasion, I read the book four times before she was satisfied.

What makes the book so special? Each page has a different monster, for example a grumpy monster and a cuddly monster. The reader can put his eyes and nose through the holes and pretend to be the monsters. As I read, I vary my voice so An can associate the voice with the adjectives. She especially loves the last page, where the cuddly monster hugs and kisses her.

The usual retail price of the book is $9.90 at Popular and I got it at a 50% discount, so at $4.95,  I consider it a great buy indeed.

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