Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mona Lisa Exhibition

I thought the Mona Lisa Exhibition, which runs at the Arts House till 11 February 2015, was brilliant. My friend Celia and I brought our kids there and we two adults joined them in a tablet-led kids' tour.

We were required to determine if Leonardo da Vinci had painted one or two versions of the Mona Lisa and whether he painted the Earlier Mona Lisa.

Throughout the exhibition, we were given clues to help us make decisions. For example, we were shown a sketch of a Mona Lisa painting by Raphael, an admirer of da Vinci, and this sketch contained two columns, which were not found in the Louvre's Mona Lisa. The columns were found in the Earlier Mona Lisa instead. We were asked if it was likely that Raphael's sketches showed that the Earlier Mona Lisa was by da Vinci. There were also mathematical clues, like the use of the Golden Ratio, histograms and the Goldblatt thesis.

There were also interactive booths that helped us understand the information better. For instance, we could choose pictures to test the Goldblatt thesis on and we found out that the thesis worked for da Vinci's painting, but not for the paintings of other artists. We had fun at a booth which predicted how we would look like in ten years' time. This is how the software predicted I would look:

At the end of the tour, we were allowed to view the original Earlier Mona Lisa and by then, we would have made our decision of whether it was painted by da Vinci or not. The tour was a good way to acquire information while having fun. J enjoyed solving the mystery and came home to discuss more possibilities. He even said that Lisa might have had a twin.

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