Monday, 29 December 2014

Singapore Discovery Centre

One place we visited this holiday was the Singapore Discovery Centre. There are many things to do there. When we first arrived, we went on a tour to SAFTI, the training institute of the Singapore Armed Forces. I have been there before, but this was the first time I saw cadets training and was impressed that they were running with heavy backpacks.

After the tour which lasted 20 minutes or so, we went to the discovery centre itself and found many interactive, informative and fun exhibits.

Be a news reporter
Answer questions on Singapore and get a chance to build the city
This robot sang one of An's favourite songs and she was clapping along. I found it a little out of place though.
A tactical game where a team of 4 works together to destroy the enemy
Just outside the discovery centre was a simulated rifle range. The teens in our party seemed to enjoy the shootout which cost $5 per person. 
Rifle range
We ended the outing with a visit to the Army Museum. I did not manage to stay long here as An was getting fidgety but read a little about the history of the SAF.

Overturned bus in riots in 1955
The SDC also screens paid movies and my friends tell me the cinema is comfortable.

Despite its location at the furthest end of Singapore, it is a good place to learn more about Singapore. I acquired a lot of information in an interactive way. Best of all, it is free for Singaporeans!

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