Thursday, 1 January 2015


A new year begins. It was meaningful to spend the first day with friends and family. In the afternoon, J got to play with his favourite cousins and enjoyed himself totally. Little An also had a splash at the pool and was happy being her active self.

Then, we met our good friends for dinner and had a good time catching up with them. J was so pleased with the new Stilton book they gave him that he immediately began reading it. An also received a beautiful dress. Our friend Jace experimented with her new selfie stick and got better and better with every try.

I also received a call in the day that left me impressed. J's new form teacher called to wish us a happy new year and said that we could contact her using her mobile number if we had any queries. What a dedicated teacher! We had prayed that J would have a loving and nurturing teacher and it seems God has answered our prayers. 

We lamented a little about how school should start on 5 Jan rather than 2 Jan, but am reminded to give thanks instead of complaining. So I thank God for the sound education system in Singapore. :) 

I pray that all students will quickly adjust to early morning waking, enjoy learning and be able to interact well with their peers and teachers in school. May all my teacher friends have peace as they prepare to start school and may God grant them wisdom, joy, love and patience as they guide their charges. 

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