Monday, 19 January 2015

J the Teacher

There is increased interaction between the siblings and it pleases me to watch them play with each other. One morning, J said he wanted to teach An numbers from 1 to 10, so he brought out his primary one books and requested that An sit on her blanket.

J proceeded to go through the examples in his book. At one point, he asked An to point at a plate showing two eggs and she did - inadvertently. J commended her for getting the correct answer and gave her his soft toy as a reward. J even used his soft toys to enact a part in his textbook and to explain what zero meant. He is a teacher in the making.

It is heart-warming watching the two grow together. May the Lord continue to shower His love and blessings upon them.


Anonymous said...

He has a very good role model (at home) of what a teacher is like.

Pea said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I believe you are my brother?