Saturday, 3 January 2015

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park was one of the many attractions we visited during the holidays. The Bird Park is having a promotion and we paid $74 for our family to enjoy a year of unlimited visits. We thought that was a good deal and hoped that the zoo or night safari could have a similar deal :)

We enjoyed ourselves at the Bird Park. An was recently acquainted with penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium, so she had a look of recognition when we went to the penguins coast. J also read up more about the different penguins and uninformed me found out that king penguins and emperor penguins were different species.

As usual, the flamingoes were beautiful and elegant. I was not satisfied taking pictures of them from afar so at the end of the High Flyers show, we stayed on for a photo WITH them. I was a little embarrassed to realise that I was the most excited to do that out of the four of us.

The last time I went to the Bird Park was in 2012, so although the High Flyers show seemed familiar, it was somewhat refreshing. The two children enjoyed listening to Quincy the cockatoo talk. It was amazing that she could sing and speak so clearly. We saw the macaws flying gracefully too. All the birds looked splendid to me and I enjoyed the grand finale of the show when they all made their appearance.

Another section we spent a lot of time at was the children's playground. There were structures suited for children of various ages.

There was also a water play area which looked very fun. 

We were at the bird park for five hours that day but did not manage to go to every section. We would be back soon to see the waterfall, the lory loft and the world of darkness. 

The e-membership does not offer the regular membership's perks like free parking, free tram rides and discounts at the shops. But still, it is pretty worthwhile to have unlimited visits till December. We enjoyed our outing very much that day. 

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