Thursday, 22 January 2015

Not Selected

J went for a string orchestra audition and we received the result today. He did not get in. While his voice remained steady and cheerful as I broke the news to him, I myself was a little sad. I did not expect him to get in as the standard of the orchestra was high, but Lyn who was present at the audition said that J played well, so there was this glimmer of hope that he might just be selected.

As I was pondering over the matter, I was reminded to give thanks in all circumstances (I Thessalonians 5:18).

I am thankful that J remained unfazed when he found out the results. He was looking forward to playing in the orchestra and yet he took the news calmly.

I am thankful that J practised hard for the audition. Lyn and I wanted J to work towards a goal, and that was why we signed him up for the audition. The objective has been fulfilled.

I am thankful that Lyn was patient and encouraging as he coaxed J to practise.

I am thankful that J, Lyn, An and I got to watch the orchestra practising while we waited for the audition to start. J was inspired as he listened to the orchestra.

Thank You Lord for reminding me not to put so much emphasis on results and that it is possible to be thankful in every situation.

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