Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Thankful Tuesday ~ Family

I was feeling a little inadequate with regard to work today, but instead of wasting time meditating on the imperfection, I have decided to write about something positive.

I am blessed with very helpful family members. Now that I work part-time and little An has still not gone to school, I rely on my mother, aunt and mother-in-law to care for her while I am at work. They look after An heartily and I am certain An's physical needs are met. My mum and aunt even help with my household chores at times. 

Sure, there are disagreements about how a child should be brought up - whether a child under two should watch TV, how long a child should be exposed to the i-pad, what time a child should nap, whether the pacifier should be used and so on. However, I remind myself that the caregivers are doing their best for my children and I am thankful.

Aside, Lyn's family was reunited last December and J had a whale of a time with the extended family. He is already planning activities to do with his cousins this December.

Thank You Lord for family.  

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