Friday, 16 January 2015

Yay! Exercise!

When J and some of his friends started taking an interest in cycling, I was pregnant and could not help him much in his learning process. Then, An was born and I spent much time minding her, so the cycling training was put on hold. Lyn had (and has) a back problem and did not feel confident teaching J, so we decided to send J for cycling lessons. He went for two lessons and the instructor declared him ready for independent cycling at the end of the second lesson.

Lyn suggested that we cycled regularly and I was really happy for the added opportunity to exercise together as a family (and also to lose some mass gained from Christmas feasting. To think Chinese New Year feasting is starting in a month's time). Last weekend, we had a really wonderful time cycling together at East Coast Park. At first, J was hesitant and requested for Lyn to hold on to his bike, but as he cycled, he got more and more confident. As we were cycling to return our rented bikes, J even suggested going night cycling with his cousins at the end of the year.

I hope Little An would be able to cycle with us soon. Seeing how active and feisty she is, I think that aim would not be too distant. 

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