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Sweet 16

Dearest An,

Thank you for bringing much joy to us the past 16 months. Your character is now more evident and we think you are brave, adventurous, mostly sociable, fun-loving and cheerful.

When we brought you to Kallang Wave Mall, you looked intently at the rock climbers and even tried to climb the glass barrier. I believe I do not need to wait long to let you try such fun activities.

In this past month, you painted for the very first time. You enjoyed yourself making dots with yellow and blue paint. Gege was very eager to help you and he took the initiative to get you some water to wash your paintbrush. I was very glad to see you both working on the art piece together.

We also went on some outings. At the beach, you were unsure about the waves and sand and stood at one spot for a long time without moving. 

You fell for Singa instantly at the Road Safety Park and were reluctant to leave his side. 

We went to the Bird Park again and this time, you got to play at the water play area. We …

Thankful Tuesday ~ My Fulfilling Jobs

I thank God that I have fulfilling jobs.

As A Mother
It is a joy to see the children grow. Today, I am thankful that J and An had fun laughing at each other's antics. An saw that her brother was tickled by her antics and kept doing them over and over again. Despite their six-year age gap, they are interacting more with each other.

I am also thankful that Lyn has initiated a bible memory project at home. So far, we have memorised Ps 23 together. J and Lyn have also memorised Matthew 5:1-39. I am still lagging behind at v22 and J keeps reminding me that I have to catch up. Memorising the Bible is important and I see the fruit in J's life. He used to need me to stay with him while he fell asleep. Now he recites Ps 23:4 if he feels afraid (Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me). He has been sleeping on his own for some time already. Thank You God.

Today, we kick started our Thankf…

Moving on to B

This is an update on our progress with learning the alphabet. We managed to find many items starting with the letter B and the pouch was stuffed. 

This time, J was around when I was filling the pouch with objects, so he happily helped with the search for things beginning with B. Here is his contribution: 

In case you are still wondering, he said, "B for boy," and he proceeded to stand next to the pouch. He also placed his Angry Bird and his sister An at letter A. 
Thank God for children.

How We Spent Chinese New Year

Time flies. I have been looking forward to Chinese New Year since 2 January and now the 4-day break is almost over. Of course, Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated for fifteen days, but the festive mood has dissipated with school and work starting tomorrow.
Still, I appreciated the short respite. The last four days were spent catching up with family and friends.


I have been reading blogposts about mothers exposing their toddlers to the alphabet and am amazed at the teaching materials that they come up with. I took the easy way out and bought a little two-dollar pouch from Daiso, with the intention of featuring one letter a week and placing items beginning with that letter in the pouch.

To my disappointment, I could find only two things to place in the pouch for letter A: apple and ark. I thought of progressing quickly to letters B and C as I managed to find many objects beginning with the latter letters. However, I persisted with letter A, since the original intention was to feature each letter for a week and I started this initiative last Friday. 
Imagine my great joy when soon-to-be-16-month-old An peeled off the letter A from the pouch, brought it to me and said 'A' today! Hurray for An and praise God!

Ted and Dolly's Magic Carpet Ride

We got this book for free from My Greatest Child (at City Square Mall) last year when we spent above a certain amount at the store.

Little An loves it and I do too. It is not superb in the literary sense, but it has a unique feature: The characters Ted and Dolly can be moved from one scene to another. Here's how: 
When we first read the book, Little An seemed curious. Now, she helps with the movement of the magic carpet and flips the pages by herself if I am not quick enough. 
I've just checked that the book is available on Amazon. I hope MGC still carries it as I am hoping to get another book in the series.

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The Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

Last night was one of those nights I felt extremely exhausted and overwhelmed. Actually, the whole day went perfectly fine. I had a lovely morning with An. At the park, she imitated the actions of an old man who was exercising and elicited a smile from him. We went grocery shopping, read books and played with toys. She took a 2-hour nap and I was able to cook her lunch, mark my scripts and read. The afternoon went well too. We picked J up from school, had lunch at the in-laws', then went to check out a playground we had never been to before.

Disaster struck when I was preparing dinner. I was excited about a simple bak chor mee recipe I found and was all eager to test it out. However, the noodles I bought were so coagulated that I could not separate one strand from another. In fact, they became hard rocky clumps floating in the soup. I even tried using scissors, but nothing worked. What is bak chor mee without the mee? Anyway, I ended up spending a lot more time in the kitchen than…

Mental Sums

Recently, J had a mental calculation exercise and he performed poorly in it. Alarm bells rang as I thought I could leave him to learn math on his own and have been doing so. His diligent teacher sent us a copy of the questions so that parents would know where their children had gone wrong and here were the questions:

J said his teacher had gone through the answers in class, but I wanted to ensure that he could answer the questions. This was the conversation that took place for question 7:

Me: What is 5 hundreds and 33 ones as a numeral?
J: 5 hundreds and 33 ones? 531.
Me: 531? Listen carefully. 5 hundreds (pause) and 33 ones.
J: 531.
Me: I thought you said you knew? Look. (Shows him the question)
J: Oh. 533.

J even got Question 6 wrong in school. I suspect that most of his mistakes were caused by the inability to process auditory information, rather than due to mathematical misconceptions. I remembered that in the school I used to teach in, mental sums were presented on PowerPoint sli…

Thankful Tuesday ~ Taking Time to Smell the Roses

I struggled about whether or not to write this post. After all, I have been laden with worries this week. The littlest things worried me. Why does J take such a long time to learn to spell "tongues" and "only"? Is J prepared for his Chinese oral test? How does J spend recess? What else can I do for and with J? Why did J borrow my aunt's mobile phone to watch a Plants vs Zombies tutorial when he knew screen time was restricted to two days a week? The concerns were mainly about J. When J was in kindergarten, life was simpler. There were much fewer things to think about.

I am glad that I have been inspired by other mom bloggers to set aside Tuesdays to smell the roses. As I began to think about what I can be thankful for in the midst of my unsettlement, I realised there were many positives in my life. In fact, some of the worries were conjured by my worrying nature and might not have warranted my attention at all.

Here are some things I thank God for today:
1) Las…

Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore Live!

We visited Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore last December. It was an impromptu visit, so we did not buy online tickets, which gave savings. However, we did enjoy a good discount with Lyn's SAFRA card. Thank God for that. :)

We started the tour at Images of Singapore. Having brought school groups there a few times before its revamp, I was quite impressed with the interaction it now includes. Actors dramatise the history of Singapore, while before, visitors would have to read the signage themselves. The audience move from scene to scene and are involved in the plot. My only qualm was that we were mostly standing and I was carrying a squirmy baby. The elderly may also find it tiring to stand. The passageway was quite narrow though, so it may be hard to install seats. Hope there can be some way of relieving the aching legs of the audience somehow. :)

From Images, we were led to Madame Tussauds. I have been to one other Madame Tussauds and that was in Hong Kong. The Singapore on…