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Good Morning 'Cher

I thought it would be nice to show J the classroom of the past, so we went to the Good Morning 'Cher exhibition at Suntec City.

Indeed, he said he enjoyed himself. He was fascinated to learn that all pupils were given milk to drink during Lyn's time and that during my time, our parents could order milk for us and a carton of milk would be distributed to us every day.

He was also very happy to listen to his school song at the school song booth and wanted to line up a second time to listen to it, even though he sings it at school at least once a week.

As for me, I was quite happy to find my primary and secondary school songs. I was trying to recall the lyrics of both songs recently, but could not remember past the first line of the primary school one. Both are in Chinese. My JC school song is in English and I have no difficulty remembering every word of it. It could be due to the recency effect rather than the language though.

At the exhibition, I found the English book I used i…

Creations of SG50 Memories with Lego

I was at the National Library with Little An and saw pretty Lego representations of Singapore's past made by AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego). I was very impressed with the exhibits. I am sure it took the creators a lot of time, effort and imagination to build them.

My personal favourite is:

The spartan dining table reminded me of how simply we used to live in the past. Rediffusion was our entertainment and belly-button biscuits were our staple snacks. Lego-istically, check out the intricate tiffin carrier. I marvel at the patience of the builder, who had to stack layers of identical pieces.

Zero Point was a popular game in my time. We played it frequently during recess in school. Then, I was considered quite tall for my age, but I just could not jump beyond the shoulders stage, no matter who held the 'rope'. I liked it when the rope was swung round and round and we had to jump across while the rope was moving. That required observation skills and I felt fulfilled whenever I mad…

22 Months

Dearest An,

Happy 22 months! :) You have been such a blessing to our family. Today, Gege was practising for his oral test and in response to the question "Do you like spending time with your family?", he said, "Yes, I like spending time with my family, especially my sister. I love my sister." You are such an integral part of our lives, my dear.

Recently, Popo taught you the names of various people in our family. You can say my name, Gege's name, Popo's name and Yipo's name. You also knew we were talking about Dajiu when we referred to him using his name. Great job.

You can also say phrases such as "sit down and listen". I have also taught you the word "obey" and it is quite a handy word. Your perennial favourite songs are Twinkle Twinkle (which you can sing two lines of) and Happy Birthday. On national day, you kept singing "Happy Birthday, Singapore flag" and no matter how many times we asked you to knock off "flag&qu…

Singapore Night Festival 2015

Lyn wanted to go on a monuments tour, so we made our way to the Singapore Art Museum, which was one of the meeting points for the tour. As we were there early and the tour was due to start at 7.30 p.m., we visited the current exhibitions at the museum. I found the exhibits quite 'cheem' (Singlish for 'deep') and at one of the exhibits, Little An said 'Dun want this' and turned her body to leave. I was surprised she was able to sense the darkness of that exhibit's theme as at first glance, the exhibit seemed glamorous and attractive.

There was one art piece that was a hit with the kids though and that was:

Unfortunately, we missed the first monuments tour as dinner took too long. We decided to do craft at the art museum. That was a good decision as J said he liked his craft very much. He wore it all night and even said he would pass it down to future generations.

There were also friendly roving photographers who took Polaroid photos of our family wearing our…

Conversations with J

Alas, it is the season of 'bite-sized' assessments for J and quite a busy period at work for me.

Here is a quick record of two recent conversations with J:

1) On giving up seats on the MRT / bus
Me: I heard a discussion over the radio today. They were discussing whether people should give up seats to children on the bus or MRT. What do you think?
J: Mmmm. Yes, I think they should.
Me: Children of what age?
J: Maybe until 10?
Me: 10? You mean you still expect people to give their seats up to you?
J: No. Ok, maybe till kindergarten.
Me: The hosts of the radio show seem to think that as long as the children can stand on their own, people need not give up their seats to them. Do you agree? Do you think your sister (about 22 months) can stand safely on the MRT? (We have never taken a bus with his sister.)
J: No, of course not.
Me: I agree with you. How about P, E and the twins (who are from our lifegroup and are 3+ years old)?
J: I think they can.
Me: So you think people should giv…

Thankful Tuesday ~ Siblings

Thank You Lord for siblings.  May they always be loving towards each other. May J be a good role model to his sister and may An be a caring sister to J. Amen.

National Day at Singapore Recreation Club

Last year, I booked a room at the Singapore Recreation Club for a staycation. My reservation had to be cancelled then as there was a fault in the room I was allocated to. I was offered a room for National Day this year as a measure of goodwill and I accepted. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Having a room at the SRC meant that we were very close to the padang, where the National Day Parade was held. Since the roads were closed from 12 p.m., An and I arrived at 11.45 a.m. to check in. The hotel was all prepared for early arrivals. We managed to get a room by noon.

The mood at the club was anticipatory. Quite a number of people were walking around the terrace, excited by the contingents making their way to the padang. I also brought An to inspect the terrace, hoping to find the perfect spot to catch the aerial display and the fireworks.

The mobile columns arrived a while later and families congregated to take pictures of the tanks.

By about 3.30 p.m., the tables at the terrac…

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Somehow, I feel very excited today. I feel like I am about to attend the wedding of someone important. But oh, how wrong I am! The occasion is grander than a wedding. My country is celebrating its 50th year of independence!

I read the Straits Times National Day guide carefully, not wanting to miss any event for the day. At 9 a.m., our family listened carefully to the proclamation read by Mr Lee Kuan Yew over CNA. J recited the pledge with gusto and An waved her national flag zealously.

We only caught glimpses of the Black Knights as we could not rush to a vantage point in time after church, but were pleased to see marching contingents making their way to the padang.

As we await the evening's performances and the promised 360° fireworks display, here are my wishes to Singapore:

I pray that Singapore will continue to prosper. It is amazing that a small nation can boast of possessing the world's best airport. In a short time, Singapore has progressed from third world to first. Ou…

SG50 Holiday

With the additional holiday and our uncle visiting from the States, we decided to join the celebrating crowd in the heart of the city. Our plan was to meet at Gardens by the Bay at 10-ish, visit one dome, walk to the Barrage to catch the aerial performance of the Black Knights, have lunch, then visit the other conservatory.

Great minds think alike. At ten, we were informed that the carparks at Gardens by the Bay were all full. My sister-in-law kindly offered to drop us off so we did not need to wait for a parking lot. When we arrived, we saw the place jammed with vehicles and teeming with people. We found out later that my sister-in-law was stuck in the jam for three hours while trying to get home! I felt so bad!

Anyway, here are some pictures of our experience:

Our eventful day was not over. Thank God that the rain had subsided as we were walking to the Flyer.  However, when we arrived at our destination, we realised that flights were suspended due to inclement weather! We had desse…