Monday, 28 September 2015

Treasury of Picture Books Classics

I bought a few treasuries of stories from Amazon and absolutely love them. They are useful on long car rides and are value for money. In this post, I will share Harper Collins Treasury of Picture Books Classics.

This treasury contains 12 stories. After each story, there are suggestions of activities to do with children and I find them useful. I have not read all the stories to Little An, but she loves:

1) Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

Caps for Sale is about a peddler who sells caps by placing them on his head. As he was resting under a tree one day, he woke up to find his caps missing. They had been stolen by some monkeys! An and I had fun enacting the story - An easily played the role of the monkeys and imitated my actions and speech.

2) From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

This familiar Eric Carle's work is hardly a story but it is great for enactment. On each page, an animal boasts of an action he can do while the child replies that he can do it and follows the action. The actions can be easily mimicked.

3) Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown uses simple words in her writing. In this piece, the child bids goodnight to everything under the sun (or should I say moon?). An likes naming the items on the pages. On every coloured page, there is also a hidden mouse. I only discovered that when I read the suggested activities. It was interesting to see An's eyes rove around the page and watch her smile when her eyes land on the mouse. She learnt new words like "kittens", "mittens" and "mush" from this piece. She is also amused with the page that says "Good night nobody".

4) Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

I first came across this story on an old VCD handed down from J's cousin. Precocious Harold draws the scenes of the story and intelligently solves the problems that he faces with his quick wit.

At this point, I would ask, "What do you think Harold would draw next? Hurry! He is falling down! What should he  do?" Most of the conversation is currently a monologue but I can see An thinking and I know she will be responding with her own ideas very soon. :) 

5) Baby Says by John Steptoe 

This book only contains 7 words. The drawings speak a thousand words. Little An smiles as she identifies with some of Baby's actions. I took the opportunity to teach her how to play peaceably with others. We enacted the scenes and An had to choose the biggest soft toy we had to represent the soft toy in the book!

The very patient brother telling Baby not to throw his toy out of the cot. 

An's choice of soft toy! 

This book is currently priced at USD22.75 on That means each picture book costs less than USD2. What a great deal! :)

It is also available on Book Depository.

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