Monday, 12 October 2015

Octoburst 2015

We had a lovely time at Octoburst at the Esplanade again this year and it was great that there were activities that catered to both children.

At a Pipe-ful Garden, the children enjoyed fitting pipes together. They created a chair together with their friend Jude and daringly climbed a ladder left by the tree. On hindsight, the ladder might not have been that stable, so thank God that none of the climbers were injured.

Another activity they enjoyed was Snakes and Ladders. As there were many players, turn-taking was a little chaotic and a little boy cried when three other boys landed on the same space as him. Our children still had fun, especially J who won one game. Little An insisted on standing on space number 4 no matter what number she rolled, so obviously she was not even in contention of winning.

Indoors, they made a pinhole camera (with the adults' help). No instructions were provided so we relied on a sample given.

Another noteworthy thing we did was making pocket gardens. J chose to plant pak choy while An chose wheat grass. I am hoping the seeds will sprout soon.


Finally, we walked through the underpass and saw several creative art pieces.

Little An spontaneously danced to the music. 

Thank God for a pleasant family time and that our friends were there with us.

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