Monday, 30 November 2015

Date with the Daughter ~ SSO Babies' Prom and Art Carnival at the Padang

Dearest An,

I had a great time with you over the weekend. You watched your very first orchestral concert at the Victoria Concert Hall (the SSO Babies' Prom) and I could see that you enjoyed the music.

You recognised the pieces that were from "Our First Classical Music", since we play the CD over and over in the car. When Peer Gynt was played, you watched the orchestra intently. I was glad that you were able to identify the familiar finale from William Tell Overture, although you still call it "Willie Tell". We were reminded of Gege when the Imperial March from Star Wars was played. You whispered that Gege liked the tune.

The concert was interactive and we in the audience were made to sway, clap, march and conduct. You were spontaneous for most parts, but somehow you did not want to clap. Instead, you took my hands and clapped them. At the end of the concert, everyone in the audience was invited to get close to the orchestra. You gamely went on stage and swayed to the final piece - a Christmas number.

After the concert, we walked to the Padang. The National Gallery had just been opened and there was an art carnival at the Padang in conjunction with its opening. There were many interesting activities.

We contributed to a huge art installation by tying your chosen piece of yarn to it. The art piece reminded me of life, where people from different walks come together with varied ideas. The final product may not be what the first contributors have intended, but it is creative and coherent no less. It reminded me that we have to respect diversity and not discount any one idea.

The activity you enjoyed most was at a room with slopes. When you saw other children running down the slopes and toboganning with bean bags, you did not hesitate to join them. You played and played till your forehead gleamed with perspiration. I was happy to see you so joyful.

There were plenty more activities - we sketched our portraits using an iPad, we had to shun ropes by convolating our bodies and we legally contributed to graffiti.

I was impressed by the plethora of ideas here. When people are given the opportunity to express themselves, different voices can be heard, and oh, what a symphony that can produce. 

I had great fun and you looked like you did too. 

Since I am writing a letter to you, I will throw in two funny things you recently said. 

Thing 1
Me to Gege: I will give you some cold medicine later. 
You: I want hot medicine. 

Thing 2
I was patting you to sleep. 
You: Not like that, Mama. I teach you. Pat slowly. 
You proceeded to take my hand to make gentle strokes on your body.

Little An, I look forward to more dates with you. May the Lord keep you and bless you and make His face shine on you. 


A note on SSO Babies' Prom: It is held annually around the end of Nov and is recommended for children 6 and below, although I think my 8-year-old would have enjoyed it too. Tickets get snapped up very quickly, so if you are interested, you need to be on the lookout. :) 

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