Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Last Week of School

It's the last week of school for J and I am hit by a sense of nostalgia. Just two years ago, we were anxiously attending his P1 orientation and preparing for his kindergarten graduation. All of a sudden, J has completed his second year in primary school. Sadly, the school practises streaming at the end of P2, so he and his classmates will be in different classes next year. J says he will miss his friends. Strangely, I think I will miss them too.

I thank God for J's teachers. His form teacher is very dedicated. One time, I raised a concern and she called me back at 9 p.m. to address my query even though I said the matter was not urgent. She is encouraging to the pupils and keeps a list of pupils with exemplary behaviour on the board. She also holds a prize giving ceremony in class at the end of each semester to reward pupils who have done well academically and those who have shown consistently good behaviour. She forks out her own money to buy the prizes. J said he thinks the whole class received at least one token. He himself was delighted to receive three tokens. She has also taught the pupils well academically and J did not need to have tuition in math and English.

J also likes his Chinese teacher. When he did not do well in one Chinese test, the teacher went through his mistakes after school and showed him that he could actually do the questions. When I thanked her for it, she said J was able to do the work, but lacked confidence. She urged me to encourage him and assured me she would do the same.

Before a new academic year, we would pray that J would have godly and nurturing teachers and so far, J has liked every single teacher who has taught him. We will continue to pray for the teachers who will come along his path, as teachers are integral to a child's life.

I am so glad that in J's school, pupils are affirmed when they display desirable character traits. I think the teachers try to ensure that as many people get the recognition as possible. I think it is important to stress on values and since school is where they spend 6 hours each day, it is heartening to me that this school does inculcate values.

As I round up this reflection, the parents in J's class whatsapp chat group have just been updating one another on which classes their children are posted to. Some expressed regret that the pupils would be separated into different classes. I sincerely hope that we parents would keep in touch. I also pray that God will bless all his current classmates and may we all have a blessed and meaningful holiday.

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