Friday, 13 November 2015

Science-Terrific Party

J is already 8! This year, we planned a Science-themed party for him and this was the party invitation:

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Some parents replied that the party sounded exciting and that got me into a slight frenzy. I did have some ideas as to how the party was to be conducted:
1) Make volcanoes
2) Observe what mentos does to coke
3) Investigate a crime scene
4) Make slime or lava lamps
5) Make pizza
However, when I discussed the ideas with Lyn, he had his own set of ideas, so he took over the activities while I concentrated on the cake, decor and goody bag.


Lyn was a science student, so he had no problems coming up with and conducting the activities. I was so glad I left this part to him.

Here are some of the final activities:
1) Making 'aeroplanes' and discovering which structure could fly best

2) Discovering how to make a paper clip float on water

3) Filling a tub with water using inverted cups
This activity got some of the children soaked through!

I also performed a magic trick related to math, since some people regard math as a science.

Food and cake

My mother-in-law prepared the food. It was a sumptuous spread of pork leg bee hoon, fried noodles, honey and lemon chicken wings, chicken pies and jelly. A big thank you to her.

That left me free to concentrate on the cake. I dutifully watched YouTube videos for ideas and eventually came up with this:

I also replaced candles with a sparkler and the duration of burning allowed the guests to sing the birthday song in three different versions.

Goody Bag

I had lofty ideas for the goody bag - rainbow test tubes, magnetic rings, science kits and so on. The final products were simple:
1) Astronaut's ice cream
2) Magnets / compass and torch
3) Dinosaur egg


The decor was equally simple. I used rainbow coloured balloons since there was supposed to be a demonstration of how to make a rainbow test tube.

Thank God that J and his friends enjoyed the party. Perhaps we will have a mathematics-themed party next year. :) I would also like to thank God that the rain stopped half an hour before the party was due to start so the guests could come without getting drenched. God is good. :)

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