Saturday, 14 November 2015

Where's Cuddles?

I have visited two escape rooms and both times I failed to make it out of the rooms within the time limit. Recently, J and I went to 'Where's Cuddles?' at Room Raider with my cousin and her two sons. I finally tasted my first victory at such pursuits. :)

The task was simple: To find Cuddles. I must say the room was decorated in a children-friendly manner and the three boys in our company felt right at home. J figured out how we could obtain the key that would unlock out first clue. I was so proud of him. Subsequently, everyone chipped in and when the boys saw Cuddles, they yelled out his name with much enthusiasm. We did have to ask for one clue towards the end but still, we left the room feeling fulfilled and happy.

"Where's Cuddles?" is very suitable for children and I highly recommend it as a family activity.

Room Raider is located at Orchard Central. For more information, please check out:

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