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The Year in Review

2015 has been filled with joyous memories, saddened only by the passing of a dear ex-student. While writing this, I am thankful to God for being real to us in every occasion.

December - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We had a great month of catching up with family and friends this month. I love holidays as the pace is relaxed and there is no need to wake up at unearthly hours or rush the children to do this and that. We went on a mission trip and I brought the kids on several enjoyable outings in Singapore. Truly, I am treasuring every moment with the two little ones. They grow up so quickly!


I thank God that His Word is so relevant in our lives. I was wondering why a friend did not reply me when I texted to ask how she was and God spoke through Galatians 5, reminding me that I was to show love without expecting anything in return. When I felt exhausted from the responsibilities of a parent, Isaiah 40:31 reminded me that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their str…

Blessed at Snow City

Before my closing post for the year, I thought I would briefly record how God had blessed us at Snow City. We were about to enter Snow City when someone approached Lyn and gave him three tickets. That family had paid for two hours of play time at Snow City, but they decided not to stay for the second hour. Hence, we entered Snow City for free and only had to pay for rental of gloves. What a blessing!

The last time we went there was six years ago and J was not even two. Now that he is eight, he is more able to be accustomed to the cold and I enjoyed tobaganning down the slope with him. Little An sobbed as J and I went up to test out the slope first. I wanted to gauge if the sliding speed was suitable for her, but she probably thought we were abandoning her. Anyway, Lyn brought her up on his own eventually and he said she enjoyed the experience. J suggested that we all slide down together. However, An looked super cold and requested to leave, so we acceded to her request.

Nonetheless, w…

I've Already Prayed

The day before we went on the mission trip, I lost $200. I had gone to the ATM to withdraw the money and in a moment of distraction, I forgot to retrieve the money from the slot. I only discovered the loss in the afternoon when I took out my wallet to pay for something.

When J found out about the matter, he said he was going to pray. I called the customer service of the mall I was at and was told no one had returned the money. The lady on the line advised me to make a police report. J reminded me that he had already prayed and looked hopeful that I would be able to get the money back. Everyone else thought it would be a miracle if the money was returned to me.

Anyway, I lodged a police report online. The rest of that day, I had an unsettling feeling within me. It just felt unpleasant to have lost something. Then, I went on the trip and got so busy that I forgot about the money. Hence, when I saw that $200 was credited to my account a few days ago, I was amazed. J's words resounded…

Cherish Every Moment

We were on our way to the Future of Us exhibition when I received devastating news. Ironically, the future of one of my former students was suddenly terminated when the diving boat that she and her mother were on collided into a speedboat. Both mother and daughter lost their lives in the mishap.

It has been four years since I taught Vivian, but tears just formed in my eyes. She was a vivacious girl who was talented in music. She played the flute well and was chosen as a soloist in a band performance when she was in primary six. During a school musical, she was one of the flautists while I played the piano. She also played the flute at one of my church's events about two years ago. Together with other students, we led worship during the school's thanksgiving service four years ago.

Vivian was also thoughtful. She and two friends made me a basket of flowers on Teachers' Day the second year I taught them. She was generous with words too and even after graduation, she sent me …

What Christmas Means to Me

I grew up in a Christian family and we have always celebrated Christmas. Incidentally, my father's birthday falls on Christmas eve and every year the family (sometimes immediate, sometimes extended) would meet for meal. The meal always included a turkey, though I have never found out the reason behind this tradition. Sometimes there was a log cake, but without fail, we would give gifts to one another. Even when I was in primary school, my mother would give my brother and me some money and bring us to shop for gifts for family members. Christmas has always been a season for giving to me.

Since I started reading more books and blogs last year, I realised that I had been rather microscopic in my giving. A number of inspiring mothers bake cookies for their neighbours. Others bring their children and go out to streets to look for poor people to bless. Still others have organised movements such as Operation Christmas Child in the UK, where gifts are packed into shoeboxes and given to th…

Chiang Mai for Kids

The children and I went to Chiang Mai on a mission trip and since there was a public holiday during the period of our stay and our meetings with the school teachers ended by 4 p.m. on two other days, we managed to do some sightseeing. I never knew there was so much for children to do in Chiang Mai until this trip and this post records some of our favourite activities.

1) Thai Cooking Class 
Since Thai cooking classes were highly recommended on TripAdvisor, we got our hotel to book a half-day class for us. We were supposed to buy ingredients at the wet market together with the guide, but as we were late, she bought the ingredients beforehand. We could choose what to cook from a given list. For the appetiser, the choices were Pad Thai, spring rolls and chicken with cashew nuts. We could also choose a soup from three options. J chose the chicken in coconut milk (I think another name for that is tom kha) while I cooked the local spicy and sour soup with chicken (which tasted like tom yum t…

The Children's First Mission Trip

We have just returned from a mission trip to Thailand. The trip included a two nights' stay at a village and the journey to the village from the city was three hours long. As the village was on a mountain, it could get pretty cold at night. It has been ten years since I went to that village. I was not quite sure what to expect ten years on.

Before we left on the trip, we had mixed responses from people. Some were encouraging and prayed for us. Others expressed fear and worry that the two children would not be clothed and fed properly during the trip. I just learned to trust God to look after us.

Packing for the trip alone was quite stressful. Lyn had left for the trip earlier and I was to bring the two children there myself. Usually, Lyn would settle the packing of the medication while I packed clothes and toiletries for the children and myself. Lyn did pack a box of medicine before he left though I was still concerned that I would forget to bring things that were important. I als…

National Gallery ~ Simplicity

We visited the National Gallery last week and since we had another engagement in the afternoon, we gravitated to the Keppel Centre for Art Education, where the activities were suitable for families with young children.

At our first stop, the children were each given a dot-to-dot worksheet to do. The children in our party were engrossed in the task while the adults hurried them, thinking that the activity was trivial and could be completed at home. Every child in the group took the work seriously and was reluctant to leave till the task was done. I was gratified to see that. In this day when children are so stimulated by electronic devices and the likes, simple activities like dot-to-dot may bore some. I remember when my Primary 6 students organised games for some visiting kindergarten children, the kindergarten children scorned at Musical Chairs and did not want to play the game as it was "boring". I think our children reminded me that pleasure could be derived from simple t…

Bloom and Grow Catalogue Launch (With Giveaway)

I attended the Bloom and Grow catalogue launch last month and was impressed by the creativity of the products the company carries. Bloom and Grow is a distributor of baby and maternity brands such as Ergobaby, Nuby, Skip Hop, Krooom and Gro.

The item that impressed me the most was the Ubbi 3-in-1 potty. An inner bowl collects the waste.

It is also a toilet trainer as toddlers being potty-trained can hold on to the sides to boost their

Finally, it functions as a pretty step stool when turned over. Ingenious! 

I was also attracted to pretty silicone bibs by Make My Day. My favourite was a blue bib with pearl-like beads. How elegant! Apparently, the clasp is tight and that prevents or at least deters a child from ripping the bib off his neck. 

The milestone cards and the milestone stickers by Pearhead were oh so adorable. I could probably make them myself, but the standard would definitely pale in comparison to the commercially made ones.

Thanks to the generosity of Bloom and…