Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Blessed at Snow City

Before my closing post for the year, I thought I would briefly record how God had blessed us at Snow City. We were about to enter Snow City when someone approached Lyn and gave him three tickets. That family had paid for two hours of play time at Snow City, but they decided not to stay for the second hour. Hence, we entered Snow City for free and only had to pay for rental of gloves. What a blessing!

The last time we went there was six years ago and J was not even two. Now that he is eight, he is more able to be accustomed to the cold and I enjoyed tobaganning down the slope with him. Little An sobbed as J and I went up to test out the slope first. I wanted to gauge if the sliding speed was suitable for her, but she probably thought we were abandoning her. Anyway, Lyn brought her up on his own eventually and he said she enjoyed the experience. J suggested that we all slide down together. However, An looked super cold and requested to leave, so we acceded to her request.

Nonetheless, when we spoke about the experience later, all of us agreed that we had a good time. Praise God for blessing us with great family time and free tickets. :)

Note for potential visitors:
1) Although jackets were provided, we had difficulty choosing one that was in good condition and fitted well. I would bring jackets for the children if I were to visit again.
2) Cameras are not allowed and there are photographers inside to capture memories for you. The photos are quite expensive though, starting at $20 a piece. 5 photos cost $55 and you will only get soft copies when you purchase 5 or more photos. If you are getting the package for 5 photos, you may consider getting the photographers to take varied pictures of you and your family so you have more choices of photos.

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