Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bloom and Grow Catalogue Launch (With Giveaway)

I attended the Bloom and Grow catalogue launch last month and was impressed by the creativity of the products the company carries. Bloom and Grow is a distributor of baby and maternity brands such as Ergobaby, Nuby, Skip Hop, Krooom and Gro.

The item that impressed me the most was the Ubbi 3-in-1 potty. An inner bowl collects the waste.

It is also a toilet trainer as toddlers being potty-trained can hold on to the sides to boost their

Finally, it functions as a pretty step stool when turned over. Ingenious! 

I was also attracted to pretty silicone bibs by Make My Day. My favourite was a blue bib with pearl-like beads. How elegant! Apparently, the clasp is tight and that prevents or at least deters a child from ripping the bib off his neck. 

The milestone cards and the milestone stickers by Pearhead were oh so adorable. I could probably make them myself, but the standard would definitely pale in comparison to the commercially made ones.

Thanks to the generosity of Bloom and Grow, I was given a box of jigsaw from Krooom to review.

Initially, I was disappointed as the box indicated that the puzzle was for the age of 4+ and An is only 2. Upon tearing open the packet containing the puzzle, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of each puzzle piece. The jigsaw is laminated with recycled cardboard (Yay! Environmentally friendly!) and the cardboard feels thick enough to withstand children's biting. Little An has peeled off the surface of a set of her puzzles, but I am quite sure the surface of Krooom's puzzle pieces is hardy enough and long lasting.

The puzzles are housed in a handy and stylish box, which can be brought conveniently on play dates or for entertainment during an overseas trip. The completed picture is made up of 45 jigsaw pieces and the dimensions are 35 cm by 40 cm.

I did let Little An have a go at the puzzle and she was all game as usual. I had to give hints and assistance so I think the labelling of 4+ refers to the age when a child can independently complete the puzzle on his own.

The set I have has an underground theme. I guess the theme could function as an educational component and parents (or other caregivers) could provide information on animals that live in burrows. Currently, Krooom jigsaw puzzles come in four other themes - Ballerina, Music Band Sea Animals, Music Band Forest Animals and Kites in the Sky. Krooom also produces 3D puzzles which look fascinating.

For more information on any of the featured products, please visit

Bloom and Grow Asia has kindly sponsored a gift bag to a reader of this blog. The bag contains:
1) A Grobag for 6- to 18-month babies (0.5 tog) (worth about $75)
2) A wooden bank by Pearhead (worth about $35.90)
3) A headrest by Benbat (worth about $29.90)
It does sound like a great Christmas gift, doesn't it?

To take part in the giveaway, simply leave your email address as a comment on this post by 17 December 2015 (Thursday). I will be in touch with the winner by 18 December 2015. The giveaway is only open to Singapore residents.

All the best. :)

Note: I received a gift bag from Bloom and Grow for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are mine.

Update: Congratulations to Amanda, who has won the gift bag. The winner was picked via a randomizer.


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