Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cherish Every Moment

We were on our way to the Future of Us exhibition when I received devastating news. Ironically, the future of one of my former students was suddenly terminated when the diving boat that she and her mother were on collided into a speedboat. Both mother and daughter lost their lives in the mishap.

It has been four years since I taught Vivian, but tears just formed in my eyes. She was a vivacious girl who was talented in music. She played the flute well and was chosen as a soloist in a band performance when she was in primary six. During a school musical, she was one of the flautists while I played the piano. She also played the flute at one of my church's events about two years ago. Together with other students, we led worship during the school's thanksgiving service four years ago.

Vivian was also thoughtful. She and two friends made me a basket of flowers on Teachers' Day the second year I taught them. She was generous with words too and even after graduation, she sent me a lovely Teachers' Day message which made me feel that it was worthwhile being a teacher. She tried to be brave, cheerful and strong in most circumstances.

I scrolled through my rare text messages with her and remembered that she had happily reported her improvement in mathematics last year and that she had done well in a few other subjects. About two weeks ago, I was abruptly reminded of her and texted her to ensure she was well. She told me that she was on her way to take a Chinese exam. She was full of life. The news was totally unexpected.

While I was thinking about the unfortunate incident, I started to sob and Little An looked quizzically at me. I pray that Vivian's and her mother's souls would be in heaven and that her father, sister and other loved ones would have peace. I am also reminded to pray for protection for our loved ones and not to take safety and good health for granted. This makes me remember to cherish every moment with my loved ones and to make my life count while I am on earth.

Vivian, you will be dearly missed.

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