Friday, 4 December 2015


Since the end of J's exam about a month ago, we have been on numerous outings. One memorable adventure we had was sailing onboard the SM40, a mega sailboat that reaches a height of 4 storeys. The whole experience was free, thanks to the DBS Marina Bay Sailing Programme, which allows the public to sail on the fleet at no cost.

Upon reaching the meeting point outside Customs House, we handed in our indemnity forms and within ten minutes, we were clad in life jackets and were told to hop on a rubber dinghy which took us to the SM40.

There were three volunteer sailors on the SM40 who were more than willing to share their experiences in sailing. We the first timers took turns to steer the boat and the two 8-year-old boys onboard seemed the most enthusiastic in doing that. There was little wind that day so the boat was mostly still. Twice, the wind blew directly at us, causing our boat to tilt. That caused the teenage girls in our party to scream. I was grateful for those moments of exhilaration during the otherwise serene and uneventful ride. The whole ride lasted around fifty minutes.

I registered via There are currently no upcoming sessions listed. I remember being told during our session that rides would be suspended during the ASEAN Para Games, so perhaps you could check in after the games if you are interested. The programme is open to anyone between the ages of 7 and 70. Prior to going, I read useful tips on what to wear and bring on Thanks to cloudy skies and still weather, we did not need caps and the boat was not wet at all, but it is better to be prepared than sorry, so do check out the tips.

Happy sailing. :)

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