Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Year in Review

2015 has been filled with joyous memories, saddened only by the passing of a dear ex-student. While writing this, I am thankful to God for being real to us in every occasion.

December - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We had a great month of catching up with family and friends this month. I love holidays as the pace is relaxed and there is no need to wake up at unearthly hours or rush the children to do this and that. We went on a mission trip and I brought the kids on several enjoyable outings in Singapore. Truly, I am treasuring every moment with the two little ones. They grow up so quickly!

Shaking hands with the minions
Paddling away at Vivocity
Spot our extended family!
Adventurous J walking on water
Little An trapped in a bubble
I did the crazy thing of spending $50 at the mall to take a picture with Peppa Pig! 


I thank God that His Word is so relevant in our lives. I was wondering why a friend did not reply me when I texted to ask how she was and God spoke through Galatians 5, reminding me that I was to show love without expecting anything in return. When I felt exhausted from the responsibilities of a parent, Isaiah 40:31 reminded me that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. When my flaws become apparent, I am comforted that I am His workmanship, and that He is constantly moulding me to become like Him.

At work, I am blessed with kind and thoughtful colleagues and due to the nature of my appointment, I am totally out of office politics, if it even exists. I enjoy my job and I go to the office happily. I thank God for blessing me with favour with most of my students and I have discovered that when I start the day with prayer and commit my ways to Him, I have more confidence and energy to perform my tasks. May I constantly remember: "Only one thing is needful. Mary has chosen that good part and it will not be taken away from her." Luke 10:42.


I thank God that J continues to have faith in prayers and that he often reminds me to pray in times of trouble. He is also sweet and helpful and his teacher commented in his report book this year that he is well-liked by his classmates. He also won a school values award for the second time and did reasonably well in the SA2, scoring in the nineties for math and English. He is still rather reserved in school but seeing how his friendship with Sunday School peers has blossomed over the years, I am trusting the Lord that J's leadership capability will develop slowly but surely. I have learnt that quiet people can also lead and be used mightily by the Lord. I am praying that the Lord will use his nature, his talents and gifts for His glory. On a side note, J is so chatty at home that we all missed his presence when he stayed over at his grandparents'.

Little An

Little An has grown so much this past year that she is almost unrecognisable from photos taken a year ago. A few nights ago while we were all trying to sleep, she carried out a monologue with some enactment: "I climb, climb, climb and take the present. Open the present. It's a ball! A Peppa Pig ball! I throw the ball and kick the ball." I was quite amazed at the imagination and pray that her creativity can be used for His purpose.

An will also be entering pre-nursery and I cannot believe that she will soon be in school uniform. I pray that she will be well-adjusted to school and be kind and godly to her friends. J had the comment "He is a positive role model to his peers" written in his K1 report slip and I am praying that his sister would be an exemplary student too.


Lyn has a heart for people and will go out of his way to share God's word with the myriad groups of people he has contact with. May God continue use him. Aside, he has been limping from tendonitis since June and we are praying for complete healing.

I have been reading Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson and it is a great book to close the year with. There are bound to be unpleasant situations in our lives, but we can choose our responses. I am inspired to seek intimacy with the Lord in the coming year as He is the Power Source and without Him, I am absolutely nothing.

Blessed 2016 to you. :)

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