Monday, 18 January 2016

Classics for Children

Although I am familiar with titles of classics, I have not read many of them. Last year, I acquired the book "Read for the Heart", which recommends wholesome stories for children. I was inspired to read and share the classics mentioned in it with J.

Here are three classics that I recently read and shared with J:

1) Pollyanna

Pollyanna had lost her father and was sent to live with an aunt. She captivated the hearts of many townsfolk with her thankful and positive spirit. Despite her circumstances, she played the "glad game" and taught others how to play it too. When she herself met with a mishap, her faith was tested. Would she continue to play the glad game?

I did not make J read the book since the protaganist was a female but I shared Pollyanna's endearing attitude and her glad game with him. That made a good conversation. I can't wait for Little An to grow up to share the book with her.

2) The Little Princess

Sara Crewe was of a privileged background but her father's death caused an abrupt change to how she was to live. She experienced how it was like to be a servant, but she maintained her decorum and her imaginations kept her going. Even in rags, Sara behaved as a true princess.

Again, I did not ask J to read the book but I recounted Sara's plight and adventures to him. J was interested to find out more and kept asking what happened next.

3) Treasure Island

Last December, J and I caught The Little Company (TLC)'s portrayal of Treasure Island and loved it. The music was catchy and I still croon "Singing wey o, wey o, singing wey o under the sea" now and then. I was also looking forward to an old friend acting the part of Long John Silver. Unfortunately, he was on MC and his understudy (who did an excellent job just the same) took over.

Anyway, J had read the Geronimo Stilton interpretation of Treasure Island and the musical prompted him to re-read the book. He happily compared the Stilton version with the musical version. Apparently, the Stilton version is quite similar to the original version which I myself was inspired to browse.

All three books are available as e-books at the NLB and I read them all using the Overdrive app on my android phone.

Another book series recommended in Read for the Heart was the Anne of Green Gables series. As a teenager, I had been fascinated with Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. When I was on an exchange programme in Canada, I even went to Prince Edward Island where the story was based and was very happy indeed to see The Lake of Shining Waters and other picturesque views described in the book.

You may be able to sense that I will continue to read more classics in the days to come and will certainly blog about those that have inspiring storylines. Do share your great reads with me too. :)

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