Friday, 29 January 2016

Literature-Based Art

After Little An and I attended the art workshop by Jelly Bean Attic, I became more mindful of doing art at home with her. After reading the story Freight Train by Donald Crews with her, I asked if she would like to paint a train and she readily agreed.

I took out some finger paint but somehow Little An has developed a disdain for squishy and sticky substances so she requested for a paintbrush. She painted the carriages according to the colours in the book and mixed red and blue paint to get purple paint.

She was rather earnest in the task though I had to rescue the train from going lower and lower.

Ta dah! Here is Little An's completed art work. (I helped with drawing the wheels and outlines.)

We also read The Foolish Tortoise by Eric Carle and used Play Doh to create the tortoise. With the physical tortoise enacting the story of his life, the story was more engaging for An. Of course, since the snake was so easy to make, each of us made one.

I wish I was homeschooling. There are just so many things one can do with a 2-year-old. :)


Michelle said...

So adorable! The bond between you and your baby is really great. Me and my daughter also did a couple of painting tasks before and it was quite impressive as I am seeing a good potential on her. Thank you for sharing your experience! :)

Sharon said...

Hi!An is so artistic. She can paint the train carriages at this young age.
What an interesting idea with the Eric Carle stories. my kids would definitely enjoy making the creatures from their stories.

Pea said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comment. Glad your daughter shows potential in art. Do you write a blog too? Will be great to see her work. :)

Pea said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your nice words. I drew the outline for most of the carriages and An just had to paint within the lines. Hope your kids will have fun with making the figurines. :)