Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Thankful Despite Feeling Overwhelmed

January has been an eventful month. Little An started school and my mother-in-law (and I on one occasion) still stays in her classroom with her as she needs someone familiar around. We could leave her and let her cry, but her crying is loud and persistent and the teachers probably will not be able to carry on with the lesson. I have also assessed that the teachers do not take kindly to crying children and I am wondering how to move forward in the situation.

It seems school has had quite a tremendous effect on An. She now wants me to fall asleep next to her at night and if she is not in deep sleep, she realises when I move away and calls out to me in distress. I creep stealthily out of her room when I think she is sound asleep, but almost every night, she will walk to the master bedroom to look for me.

Then, my father had a heart attack and it is painful to see him in discomfort. A stent has been placed in one of the arteries which was 100% blocked and the doctor is monitoring to see if the stent works. Two other arteries are 80% and 90% blocked and stents will be fitted in them if the first is successful.

I am also teaching a module which has been redesigned and preparing for tutorials takes up quite a bit of time although it is fun.

Despite my father's condition, I thank God that my parents have been bravely and strongly trusting in Him. Many prayer warriors have stood with our family in such a time and we believe that God will sustain my father.

I also recently received student feedback for last semester and I am grateful for the kind comments (See below: #12 is certainly undeserved but very sweet) and ratings from the students.

It has to be God who grants me favour as I sometimes even stammer when I speak.

J has been sweet and helpful at home. When I was flustered recently, he asked, "Is there anything I can do to help?" He also reminded me to pray when he heard me relating some concerns to Lyn. I also thank God that he made two friends in his new class. He has grown in confidence and even approached his principal to talk to her.

As I think about the blessings on my life, I thank God that I lack nothing. It is possible to be joyful in every circumstance. God is good.

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Phil 4:4

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