Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I like this Sunday School

Last Sunday, we missed church as there was no Sunday School. I thought I would not be able to concentrate on the sermon with active Little An so I conducted my own Sunday School with the two children at home.

Due to their vast age gap, I tried to think of a lesson which could cater to both of them. Finally, I settled on the ten plagues. J knew the plagues but not in order, so I thought the lesson would benefit him too.

Plague One - Water turning into blood

We applied red paint to a sink of water. 
Plague Two - Frogs

We made paper frogs and competed to see whose could jump the furthest. 
Plague Three - Gnats

We enjoyed poking our fingers into black finger paint and creating gnats. 
Plague Four - Flies

We twisted two strings on J's ukelele and plucked the twisted strings to make the sound of flies.

Plague Five - Dying animals

The animals died. 

Plague Six - Boils

Bright red dough came in handy. 
Plague Seven - Hail

I crushed paper and asked if the kids were ready for hail. They squealed in surprise when hail pelted down on them. Little An was particularly amused. She picked up the paper pellets and asked her brother if he was ready for hail. Before he could answer, she had thrown all the pieces at him. 

We stopped at plague #7 as it was time for lunch. J declared that he liked "this Sunday School" and requested that I finished all the plagues. We had a wonderful time learning about God together.

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