Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mum's Cooking 2nd Edition

Eating out is expensive. Even at food courts, a family meal can set us back by more than $20. A meal at a restaurant usually costs around $50. Thus, Lyn and I cook whenever we can.

Since my last cooking post, I have managed to whip up some new dishes, thanks to online recipes.

1) Crab Beehoon
Recipe: Life's Tiny Miracles
Verdict: I liked the taste, but J did not like the smell of crabs. I would follow the advice in the blog and use fish slices for the children the next time I cook this.

2) Beef Stew
Recipe: Domestic Goddess Wannabe
Verdict: Great.

3) Fishball noodles
Recipe: Noob Cook
Verdict: It looks bland, but J and I found it tasty. It is also very simple to prepare so I will be preparing this again.

4) Hotplate Tofu
Recipe: I eat, I shoot, I post
Verdict: I did not have a hotplate and used a regular pan. It turned out quite tasty. Put less miso if you want a less salty dish.

5) Tom kha Gai
Recipe: Nil. I used pre-packed tom yum ingredients from NTUC (at City Square) + coconut milk + fish sauce + chicken fillet and oyster mushrooms
Verdict: Shiok! J and An slurped up the soup when I first cooked it. J has requested that I cook it once a week as he likes it a lot. I have prepared it three times already and preparation is a breeze since the ingredients have been pre-packed.

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