Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Meaningful Easter Weekend

I am amazed that we did so much this past weekend!

Some circumstances challenged me to think about the purpose of my life again. Lyn borrowed a DVD on the life of Mama Heidi (a missionary) from the church library, which we watched on Good Friday. Mama Heidi reaches out to the street kids in Mozambique and houses them. There were attempts on her life as the whites were not kindly looked upon in that country. However, her love for Jesus is evident. She persevered and is happy to see healing and transformation take place. In the video, she hugged the kids as though they were her very own.

That reminded me of the most memorable mission trip I had gone on. We were in the Philippines and our hosts took us to distribute food to street kids. It must have been a regular food hand-out as the kids ran after our van the moment they saw it. They eagerly ate the food that they received. We also saw people who lived in makeshift cardboard dwellings and children who raided restaurant trash in search for something edible. There were children who sniffed glue to quell their hunger pangs. It was heart-wrenching to see the plight of the people (and on a side note, my heartfelt social psychology essay about the trip which I wrote later received an A+). The trip reminded me to be contented with what I had. As I recall the experiences, something else is being stirred up. I should be doing much more with my life.

The nudge to do more did not stop at the DVD. At church, two missionary couples spoke on missions and how we can go about fulfilling what we have been called to do. I have been consoling myself that in the course of my work, I impart knowledge to people and try to help them whenever I can. I am not sure now if that is sufficient. I pray that my life will be used to its maximum potential and that I will not do just what is comfortable.

Besides the personal challenge, I was also thrilled that we managed to spend time as a nuclear family, that I managed to cook a meal for my parents and that we had dinner with my brother and his family.

At home, J organised an Easter Egg Hunt for his sister and gave clues on the locations. At first, he was annoyed that we gave more clues than he intended. Then he realised she needed the help, so he patiently guided her to the eggs. We also managed to go to Sentosa for the Great Eggventure and the two children were very egg-cited whenever we found an egg. We think the hunt is a ploy for people to keep visiting Sentosa but we still went as we felt it was fun and provided us the opportunity to keep fit as we walked and walked. We also caught a spectacular light and sound show at the Sentosa Merlion. J was so enthralled that he kept reminding me to video record the show. I was glad he did as the show ends this Thursday, so we will not have any more chance to watch it 'live'.

I thank God for the wonderful family time and for His personal challenge to me.

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