Friday, 18 March 2016

Easter Craft

I taught Sunday School the last two weeks and had to come up with Easter crafts. I was impressed by the many pretty ideas I found online.

Finally, I decided on these ideas:

1) Easter eggs
The hollow egg represents the empty tomb, so I was told. I decorated the eggs in little time and they can serve as ornaments or bookmarks. They remind us that the tomb is now empty and that He is alive!

2) Empty Tomb Ornament

3) Stained Glass Cross
The stained glass effect was done using cellophane paper and I had a hard time finding out where I can purchase cellophane paper. Finally, I found it at Spotlight.

4) Black Cross
Since I had to cut out the black cross from the previous craft, I decided to make full use of it. Thus, I got the kids to decorate a blank piece of paper and stick the black cross on it.

May they remember that Jesus is alive when they see their cross. Little An who was one of the students certainly does. :)

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