Thursday, 24 March 2016

Egg Hunt

We participated in Universal Studio's egg hunt last week and J and I had fun. Little An was also very happy but for a different reason - she stopped and posed at every egg she saw and I have amassed quite a huge collection of these egg photos.

When I first received the egg hunt booklet, I thought the task looked simple. We had to look for eight hidden eggs and match them to the locations. The locations looked familiar since we have visited USS a number of times.

Some eggs were very easy to spot. Little An helped to spot one of the locations. Actually, she was being curious about the display at a window and when I ran after her, I realised that the display had what we were looking for. She was quite proud that she was instrumental in finding one egg.

The egg at Jurassic Park posed a bit of a challenge. We even rode on the pteranadons to see if we could spot the egg from atop the dinosaurs. Finally, I was able to make out the location of the egg based on the photographs and some visualisation.

When we were down to one egg, I decided to halt our hunt. It was getting dark and we were hungry. However, we had already gone to eleven of the locations and were definite that three of them had no eggs. By elimination, we deduced that the last egg was at the sole location which we had difficulty finding. We boldly asked a staff member to check our answers and were truly delighted when she gave us our reward.

Inspired by our success, I am considering taking part in Sentosa's Eggventure with the family. We had fun at that last year, even though we only managed to find 13 eggs then. This year, there are 60 eggs to find. I hope we can find time to go. :)

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