Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hong Kong with Kids

I brought An to Hong Kong recently and although I have been to Hong Kong several times, some of the places we visited were new to me. This post records some of the places we enjoyed:

1) Disneyland

Disneyland tops our list. Little An was enthralled by Cinderella and after she had taken a photo with the said princess, she could not stop asking when she would see Cinderella again. I was quite amazed that the Disney characters took time to converse with their fans despite the long queues. At Universal Studios in Singapore, people are hurried away once the photo has been snapped.

There were also many rides that An could take. Her favourite was Dumbo the Elephant ride and we had a pleasant surprise when we saw Mickey Mouse himself riding on Dumbo. We also rode on other mild rides like The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, Cinderella's Carousel, Slinky the Dog ride at Toy Story Land and Orbitron at Tomorrowland.

I went on the Toy Soldiers' Parachute Drop as a single rider without An and as I waited for the ride to commence, I doubted my decision to take the plunge. It turned out to be quite thrilling. I also enjoyed the Mystic Manor ride while An was taking a nap. I thought the latter ride was classily designed. It has elements of surprise but was not scary at all.

Mystic Manor

Parachute Drop
All of us liked Fairy Tale Forest. There were interactive exhibits depicting scenes from Disney classics and they provided good photographic opportunities.

I was happy to hear one of my favourite Disney songs (You'll be in My Heart) at Tarzan's Treehouse. An enjoyed the raft ride to the treehouse and exploring what the treehouse had to offer.

Although we were spent by the end of the day, An wanted to stay for the parade as she was expecting Cinderella to appear again. Cinderella was not featured in the parade, but many of An's favourite characters were. She was thrilled to see Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as Belle and Woody. When Sully from Monsters Inc appeared, she remembered her brother and announced that Gege liked Sully and Mike.

The most difficult part of the day was to lug our exhausted bodies to the MTR station and to make it back to our hotel in Kowloon. When we finally did, I thought I could hear four sighs of relief.

2) Noah's Ark

I debated on whether to visit Noah's Ark as I had read mixed reviews on it. I did not regret our decision to go as there were several interactive and educational exhibits.

Hit the bubbles to release the animals and a beautiful surprise awaits at the end of the game

Pit your general knowledge against others

We also went to the Solar Tower. The exhibit that got us most excited there was not an educational one. It was a Wii-like game where we used our hands to swipe planets that came towards us. Even my aunt who is in her sixties was very much engaged.

3) Victoria Peak

We booked our peak tram tickets via and it was a good decision. Not only did we get a discount on the fare, we could also skip the queue as a klook staff escorted us through the crowd. After taking us to the Trick Eye Museum, she left us, so on the return tram journey, we were left to fend for ourselves. At least we saved the queuing time for the journey up the peak.

Taking the peak tram was a good experience. The view from the tram was excellent. We were even more mesmerised by the views from the observatory deck. Our timing was impeccable as we witnessed the sunset. A group of people who looked in their thirties were trying to take couple photos. About five couples stood in a row kissing their partners with the sun strategically located between each pair. I think I would feel too shy to do such a thing with Lyn. On another note, the Tai Cheong Bakery there sold rather good egg tarts.

4) Trick Eye Museum

Little An was totally fascinated by this museum. As the museum was rather small and there were not many people in it, An kept running back to previous sections and asked to be photographed. She was quite a natural poser. We all enjoyed ourselves and took several pictures here.

5) Ngong Ping Cable Car

We almost excluded this from our itinerary, but I saw that there was an ongoing Hello Kitty special and knew that An would be happy to see her favourite cat (or girl?). She did, indeed. Besides the feline distraction, the view from the cable car was spectacular. We rode on the crystal cabin which had a glass bottom and it was nice to be able to see the scenery in every direction.

My friend and An

Ngong Ping itself is a quaint village. It has many Buddhist elements which thrilled my aunt. She walked to the statue of the Big Buddha by herself and she seemed to look fulfilled. If we had more time, we would have gone to the nearby fishing village of Tai-O. There was also the option of taking a boat ride to see dolphins in the wild.

6) Symphony of Lights show

We arrived too early for the show, which occurs daily at 8 p.m. so we went to take refuge from the cold at the HK Cultural Centre. When we emerged from our shelter at about 7.50p.m., the harbour was lined with people. We still managed to get a good spot. Hong Kong has a beautiful night scene but I thought the light show was not as spectacular as I had expected. Perhaps I have been spoilt by the light show at Marina Bay Sands, where the lights' movements were more vivid. Nonetheless, it was still pleasant admiring the attractive buildings on Hong Kong island with the cool breeze blowing at our faces.

7) K11 Art Mall

The K11 Art Mall was conceptualised to bring people, nature and art together. We happened to walk past the mall and saw that one of the current art exhibits was called Toy Stop. Children were invited to create art and interact with others. An was very happy to have this opportunity to play.

8) Hello Kitty Go-Green Organic Farm

I read some positive reviews on this farm and lugged my travel companions there. However, we found out that the activities cited on some blogs only took place over weekends. All we did was to feed some goats. We wandered around and saw some informative signs on organic farming. An found a playground and that was all that mattered. Her countenance lit up and she did not want to leave. We managed to get some Hello Kitty souvenirs.

9) Fa Yuen Street

We found a stall that sold reasonably priced toys. My friend bought a Peppa Pig furniture set for An for HKD69 (about S$11) while I bought J some Star Wars figurines at HKD89 (about S$18). An guarded the plastic bag containing her precious toy very responsibly and could not wait to open the toy when we reached the hotel.

It was a very enjoyable trip. In the next post, I write about food in Hong Kong.

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