Monday, 21 March 2016

Our First Disney on Ice

Dearest An,

We both caught our first Disney on Ice last week with some friends. Gege was supposed to join us, but he fell ill and slept all day. He would have enjoyed the songs like we did.

As we were walking to our seats, we heard the familiar voices of Mickey and Minnie. You were so excited that you chuckled on the steps all the way to your seat. You watched the introduction spellbound.

When Ariel the Little Mermaid appeared, you recognised her immediately. I was most amazed by Ariel's performance as she executed many impressive stunts and some even took place in the air. It seemed like you enjoyed her graceful moves too, until Ursula the witch appeared. You are quite sensitive to nuances in sound and music in minor keys or with chordal dissonances seems to make you uneasy. Fortunately, the Little Mermaid segment ended with a colourful and happy scene and you were delighted again.

We were not acquainted with Tangled as we had not watched the show. That did not stop us from being mesmerised when the lanterns were released. I also thought Maximus and the Stabbington brothers did a wonderful job, Maximus for the coordination and the brothers for dancing on the non-ice platform exuberantly.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies of all time. You've heard me play and sing the songs from this movie and you can also identify the songs at this young age. I was hoping you would not be afraid when the Beast appeared and indeed you were not. You probably knew already that the Beast was kindly despite his appearance. On the other hand, you did not seem to like the Gaston parts much. My favourite part of the show was when the Beast was transformed into a prince again. The pyrotechnic effects made many in the audience go 'wow'!

Your favourite segment of the show was undoubtedly Frozen. You sang the songs unabashedly and our companions were quite amused. I was tempted to sing along too and I did, albeit softly. I did not like the song "Let it Go" initially as I thought turning away and slamming the door was rude but Papa explained that Elsa was slamming the door to her fears and the things that held her back. I am starting to appreciate the musicality of the song although I can never get the chords right at some parts as the chord progressions are so creative. For you, you will just belt out "Let it go, let it go" or "For the first time in forever" and a few words here and there in the other parts of the songs and I find that wonderfully endearing. You also keep saying "I like Anna and Elsa and Kristoff and Olaf and Sven. I don't like Hans. Hans is so bad." I hope that means you will exercise wisdom in your choice of spouse in future. :)

So that was our experience at Disney on Ice 2016. Aunty C was so kind to buy you a colouring book as a souvenir and the next day, you coloured Elsa, Anna and Olaf all in blue.

Thanks for your company, Little An. I enjoyed myself.


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