Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Thankful Despite Being Ill

Dear J and An,

When I was quite ill the other day, I was so proud of you two. I heard Papa playing with you and dishing out your dinner and I was glad that you were cooperative.

However, Papa was to leave for work that evening and I was wondering how I would survive another two hours before you went to bed. Amazingly, Yipo came and helped me to shower An, so all I had to do was to read the Bible to you and wind you down for bedtime. Angels do exist.

J, you were very sweet. You brought me a cup of warm water on your own initiative. When An asked for a cup of water with lemon, you promptly served her too. As it was still too early for bedtime, you took out a math activity book and started teaching your sister. You held her hand and taught her how to write numbers. When she successfully counted some items, you praised her and reported her success to me. Then, you prepared her toothbrush and mug and made sure she brushed her teeth.

An, though little, you prayed for me without being asked. I pray that you will always trust God and commit your ways to Him.

Here are snippets of your conversation:
J: An, you are supposed to draw a smiley face, a sad face or an angry face here. Do you want Gege to help you or do you want to do it by yourself?
An: I want to do it with Gege.
J: Ok.

An: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
J: Good job! Mama, An counted the number of soldiers correctly.

Keep loving each other and keep being kind and caring.

Love you,

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