Saturday, 2 April 2016

Four Very Simple Art and Craft Activities for Toddlers

I like art and craft activities that require readily available resources and minimal preparation. An and I did four such activities recently after reading The Fairy Cake Contest, a story about a kind-hearted fairy whose cakes burnt while she was busy helping her friends. 

1) 2D cupcakes decorations 

For our first activity, I drew cupcakes for Little An to decorate. All she did was to paste stickers on the cupcake and she was thrilled. 

2) 3D cupcakes with Play Doh 

I find it surprising that when J was a toddler, I simply did not like him playing with Play Doh. Many times, the caps were not securely fixed onto the bottles and the Play doh would harden. He would also combine colours and I would come home to find hardened brown substances on the floor. With An, I ensure that the caps are always placed tightly back and so far, the Play Doh has been in fairly good condition. I found it quite therapeutic making cupcakes with Play Doh and it is less messy than real cake decoration. Little An made a hot cross Barney cake, inspired by a cake I decorated for her last year and some hot cross buns that our friends gave us. 

An's Creation
The Barney cake which inspired An
My Vanilla Hearts Cake 
I also used the opportunity to practise making figurines for An's birthday cake this year. She has chosen the theme for her birthday and thankfully, the characters seem easy to make. (It seems like this activity benefits me more than it does her, but hey, I could tell she had fun too. :))

3) Party Decor

I inherited some pretty scrapbook materials from my mother-in-law's tenants who moved out quite some time ago, but did not have the chance to use them then. Now that I have a daughter, it is time to bring out all pretty stuff and this is what we did:

We extended the story by saying the fairies had a party with all the cupcakes they made and we decorated the 'room' where the party was to take place.

4) Necklace to wear to the party

Little An and I made a necklace for her to wear to the party. All we used were straws and a piece of ribbon.

The ribbon was quite thick and the straws were thin, so I had to help An string the straw bits but she pulled the string out and moved the straws to the intended positions and also chose the colours of the straws. She liked the final product so much that she requested to wear it out on a few occasions.

Hope you have enjoyed our very simple activities. :) 

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