Friday, 22 April 2016

Future World Exhibition at Art Science Museum

An and I enjoyed ourselves at Art Science Museum's Future World Exhibition. To be honest, I was so engrossed in the interactive activities with An that I was oblivious to the art aspects of the exhibition, except that there were four themes: Nature, Town, Park and Space.


Upon entering the exhibition, we were mesmerised by the beautiful scene of flowers blooming.

We ventured further and saw waves crashing against rocks. There were cushions placed in the room and we could not resist lying on them as we admired the scene.


At the next station, Little An busied herself by stacking blocks. As the blocks were placed, they were connected by roads or streams.

We got to put our artistic skills to use at Sketch Town. Here, we coloured pictures of vehicles, scanned the 2D pictures and poof! They were transformed into 3D vehicles on a screen. Try spotting Little An's truck and my car on the roads.

The Media Block Chair installation was cool. As the blocks were placed together or taken apart, the colours on the blocks would change. There were some older children using the blocks when we were there, so Little An contended with sitting on the already stacked ones to take a picture.


At the "park", we could create a hopscotch by moving shapes on a screen. Apparently, when one steps on the same shapes in succession, light and sound effects would be triggered. An was very happy just to be jumping on any shape while I was busy taking photos and ensuring her safety, so I was not aware of the effects. I would certainly take note of them the next time we go.

The Light Ball Orchestra was a hit among the children. Regardless of age, children were just tossing, pushing and rolling on the coloured balls. Little An squealed in delight as she ran after the balls. I was allowed into the arena to look after her and I enjoyed myself too. I read later that the balls would change colour and sound when touched, but I guess the participants who were frolicking with the balls were more concerned with playing.

I think An's favourite activity at the Park segment was the one titled Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere. I did not know what the exhibit was about when I was there, but I found the artwork very pretty. As for Little An, she found joy in touching the moving hieroglyphic characters and seeing them change into different elements.

There was a 7-m virtual waterfall, which I found out was made of hundreds of thousands digitally programmed water particles. It was beautiful.


The last installation before exiting looked impressive. It was called Crystal Universe and was made up of 170 000 LED lights and 4D Vision Technology. I read on Art Science Museum's website that the installation could be controlled by smart devices, but we were told not to touch the lights by the staff manning the installation, so we quickly exited before we caused any damage. When we do go again, I would take more time to admire this art piece.

That was our experience at Future World in a nutshell. It is very interactive for children indeed and we would definitely be back, hopefully with the rest of the family the next time.

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