Friday, 8 April 2016


I am finally on the road to recovery! The past four days were agonizing. It started with diarrhoea on Monday, then all of a sudden, my temperature spiked. I think this was the first time in my life I experienced a temperature of 39.7°C and all I could do was to lie in bed. I did not even have strength to go to the doctor and only made it to one on the second day. I did not go to my usual doctor but went to a clinic nearby as I did not have energy to drive. The doctor looked shocked that my temperature was 39°C as I was sitting there looking very relaxed and calm (I think).

I suspected it was food poisoning when my friend who ate the same food as me on Sunday had the same symptoms. I thought tiramisu might have been the culprit since raw egg whites were used to make it, but the doctor treated me for gastroenteritis instead. The symptoms are similar so some medicines are common. However, if it were food poisoning, bacteria and not viruses were responsible. In that case, antibiotics should have been prescribed, but they were not.

The fever subsided whenever I took panadol, but rose again two hours later. For four days, my temperature was between 37.3 and 39.7. I would wake up in the middle of the night shivering even when the fan and air conditioner were not turned on. The toilet was a constant place of visit. I probably had more than thirty runs and puked thrice. Finally, I saw our family doctor last night and he prescribed antibiotics. It was only at 6 a.m. this morning that I felt respite from the suffering.

As for my friend, she checked into a hospital yesterday as she lived alone and thought it would be better to receive care from professionals. Her blood test showed high levels of inflammation at the stomach and intestines and bacteria were found in the blood. She scared me when she said she tested positive for dengue, but upon further observation, the doctor said the blood test report could be inaccurate. Another blood test was done and it was confirmed that she did not have dengue.

Through this ordeal, I found prayers to be very powerful. After my friend said she was tested positive for dengue, my father prayed that the results would be reversed. Soon after that, my friend texted that the doctor was confident the report was not accurate. Today, the confirmed report showed that dengue was non existent.

Despite being ill, I conducted a class on Wednesday. The students were doing presentations and I did not want to reschedule the class. I prayed I would not need to visit the toilet while conducting the class. There were shivers and stomach cramps, but I really lasted two hours without needing the toilet.

Yesterday, Lyn was looking after the kids at my in-laws'. I thought I could rest, but the fever kept climbing till it reached 39° again. My stomach was churning and I was nauseous. I felt totally uncomfortable. I called my family members, but no one answered the call. My father called back sometime later and I asked for prayer. After he prayed, I started perspiring and I felt my temperature subsiding. When I reached the clinic that evening, my temperature was only 37.3°. God is amazing.

Now, the nausea is gone and the only reminder of the sickness is a queasy tummy. I thank God that I am so much better. I lost close to 3kg in 5 days and hope to maintain the current mass, although my friend sensibly reminded me that the mass loss is largely due to water lost from all the runs. I hope to spend time with the kids as Lyn had quarantined me from them, in case it was stomach flu and they catch the illness.

I am also thankful for Lyn and my aunt. Lyn had to manage household chores and looking after the kids as well as work, so he is now feeling exhausted. My aunt came on three afternoons to help watch over the children. She bought cooling drinks for me and placed ice packs on my forehead. Yesterday, I told her I felt I was going to die and she rushed over in a cab. I felt so bad.

I am thankful to all the friends who have prayed along and shown concern and to my friend S who offered good medical advice. My children were sweet too. Every day when they came home, they would ask how I was. J brought me an ice block to cool down my fever. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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