Monday, 11 April 2016

Lego and our Personalities

On a day when J had severe hives, we stayed home and played Lego. We used the pieces from Lego classics (which has random pieces) and each of us built an item.

1) Birthday Cake

2) Garden

3) Card Holder

It struck me that the items we built told of our personalities: the endearingly law-abiding one found a piece of instruction sheet and followed the steps on it even though we were using a Lego classics set; the spontaneous one built freely and explained later that the final product was a garden and the pragmatic one built something functional. 

The beautiful thing is that despite our personality differences, God loves us all the same. Each of us can also contribute differently to His kingdom, so my prayer for the family is that God would use our unique strengths, talents and gifts for His glory. 

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