Friday, 15 April 2016

PLAYtime! at the Esplanade

PLAYtime! is an interactive theatre series catered to children aged 2 to 4. An and I have been to three such plays and in each, there was at least one element of surprise which captivated the children.

Our most recent play was Bunny Finds the Right Stuff, based on a book written by local author Emily Lim.

Bunny was getting floppy with age and desired to fill herself up so that it could hop around again without falling ever so often. At one point, Bunny stuffed herself with blueberries and was full of stains. Her friends decided to give her a bath.

This part of the play thrilled the children. As Bunny was taking a bath, the actors brought out bubble machines and everyone in the audience stood up to poke the bubbles. An was simply delighted.

Bunny also got a ladder as she wanted to get clouds from the sky to stuff herself up. I was surprised when the ladder descended and Bunny really climbed it.

Towards the end of the show, the children were engaged to help Bunny get the right stuff. There were cushion pads placed on the ground and the children had to collect and give them to the actors. I saw many helpful children giving up the cushions they were sititing on to stuff Bunny up. That was a very endearing moment.

An said she enjoyed the show and I thought the cost was reasonable compared to other plays. We paid $68 for a bundle of 4 tickets (inclusive of booking charges), which worked out to be $17 per person. We had to sit on cushion pads on the ground, so we dressed comfortably.

After the show, we checked out the new PIP PLAYbox located on the 4th floor of the Esplanade. It was rather quiet when we were there. An was happy to see familiar local books and found a little nook to read some that she had gathered. The Overhead Projector was a hit among the children. They enjoyed switching it on and seeing the colourful animal puppets projected onto the wall. There were also wooden blocks (some were magnetic) and it was interesting to see the different things built by boys and girls. We ended our visit at the art and craft corner. Little An made a stuffed rabbit that she still treasures a lot.

Local books were aplenty
Little An's nook was above these stairs
The OHP to explore reflections 
Wooden blocks with magnetic properties
Art and Craft Area 
Product of our creativity

The next PLAYtime play is in May. More information is available here.

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