Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Two and a Half

Dearest An,

You turned two and a half this week. This year, I did not record your milestones as I thought growth would slow down in the third year. How wrong I was. You are still learning new things constantly and the things you say make us laugh with glee. In this letter, I will try to write as many things about you as I can remember, so when you read it next time, you will have lovely memories of your childhood.

One most significant milestone is that you are almost toilet trained. I said almost because there are still accidents now and then, especially when you are engrossed in playing. Nevertheless, on most days, you can survive a whole day without diapers, even at night. We realised your diaper had been dry at night since the start of April, so I took a step of courage and let you sleep without one. You have been dry every night and I truly thank God for that. The same thing happened to Gege at this age and we did not have to do any special toilet training at all. What a blessing!

This conversation took place recently:

Gege: An was naughty at the playground.
You: No, I was not naughty. I am toilet trained already.

I do not know what the connection between being naughty and being toilet trained was, but that cute statement set us all laughing. Even Gege laughed along and forgot all about why he said you were naughty.

You are also growing rapidly in height. You are finally tall enough to go on the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride at USS. I am happy you are growing well, but with that came the realisation that you will no longer enjoy free entry to places soon. We'd better enjoy all the free admissions in the next six months. Speaking of USS, with my half annual pass, we have enjoyed a number of visits there and have collected a lot of photos with the Minions and your favourite Sesame Street characters. You enjoy riding on the carousel and the Accelerator ride and watching all the Sesame Street performances. It is a joy seeing your face light up every time we are there.

At 2 years 4 months, you volunteered to speak to Donkey at the Donkey Live Show at USS and were chosen! Before I knew it, you were whisked to the centre of the small theatre. This conversation took place.

Donkey: Hi.
You: (waved)
Donkey: Hi
You: (waved)
Donkey: Can you even say anything?
You: Hi
Everyone: Ooooh
Donkey: Say I love Donkey.
You: I love Donkey.
Everyone: Ooooh

Donkey looked pleased but was afraid that you would cry with all that attention, so I gestured for you to return to me and you returned. I was super proud of your courage.

Recently, I read the story "Guess How Much I Love You" to you. At the end of the story, Big Nutbrown Hare whispered to Small Nutbrown Hare, "I love you right up to the moon - and back." After we read that story, you would come up to me spontaneously and say, "Mummy, know what? I love you back to the moon." You are such a sweetie pie. I love you up to the furthest galaxy and back.

At 2 years 5 months, you attended an Act 3 workshop. This took place during the workshop:

Teacher: Why do you like Santa Claus?
You: Because (sings) Santa Claus is coming to town.

I love your spontaneity.

One night, you helped Gege close the bedroom door when he forgot to do so.

Me: Good job, An.
You: Gege, you need to say thank you to me!

You have been really helpful at home. You would help to hang towels and put things away. You are also independent and would mostly eat your meals and go to the potty on your own. You put your used bowls and cups in the kitchen sink after a meal even though you can barely reach the sink. You are alert and know where things are kept. You also listen to our conversations and chip in sometimes. Good job!

You are also getting more adept at the skate scooter. You can follow instructions at ballet class, although you sometimes get distracted. I love how you sing unabashedly. One day, you were singing a birthday song to Popo at a restaurant so loudly that it attracted the attention of many patrons. You also enjoy going to the swimming pool and now feel more comfortable floating and kicking with arm floats on.

I love you very much, my dear. Thank God for sending you to our family. May you continue to grow in faith and wisdom. May you be surrounded by favour and be joyful in every circumstance.

Lots of love,
Mama. :)

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