Monday, 2 May 2016

A Review of Busy Tables by a 2.5-year-old

Check out this review of Busy Tables from the perspective of Little An:

Busy Tables is a new indoor play and learn centre which caters to children aged 0 to 5. Yay! I can still play there for a few more years. The centre opened its doors officially on 1st May 2016. Mummy and I were privileged to be invited to check it out a few days before its opening.

Upon arriving, Mummy chatted with the young owners of the centre while I headed for the babies' section. I am not a baby anymore, but who can ignore interesting toys with sounds, music and narration? I learnt a lot from playing with those toys and practised skills like sorting shapes and recognising colours. I would have spent the whole time at that section had Mummy not called me away.

Check out my favourite toy! When I turn the knobs, some of my favourite animals pop up. Guess what my favourite animal is. 

Mummy brought me to a dark room. This had better be good, I thought. It was, and soon I was exploring the items on the table. Mummy showed me that certain colours could be mixed to form other colours. That was interesting, but I could never remember the combinations. Next time perhaps, Mummy.

I was more interested in placing objects on a weighing scale and seeing the needle on the scale move. Again, Mummy was enthusiastic about telling me about the scale and how to read the mass of an object. I tried my best to absorb the information, the whole time itching to touch and feel everything on the table. They all looked so pretty. Some even looked delicious. Heehee.

Moving on, I found two toys which emitted lights in a tent. I could make stars and crescents appear on surfaces with them and that reminded me of Herve Tullet's book "The Game of Light". Mummy would shine a flashlight on the book in the dark and shadows of stars, flowers and such would appear on the ceiling. Shadows and reflections intrigue me very much indeed.

As I was figuring out how the lights worked, my friend F arrived. His mummy brought out a fishing game from neatly organised shelves and both of us enjoyed fishing. My mummy made me say the names of the sea creatures in Chinese as I fished. Did you know that dolphin is 海豚 in Chinese and octopus is 章鱼? I just learnt that too!

Apparently, the resources on the shelves were thoughtfully sorted according to levels and skills, level one being the most elementary. The owner said it was difficult to tell which toy was suitable for which age group, since every child progressed at different pace. The parents would have to know the child's developmental stage and interests to select appropriate toys for him.

The centre is of a cosy size but it is so full of resources that I could not finish exploring every section in the one hour I was there. Apart from what I have already mentioned, there was a book corner, two magnetic boards, a construction area as well as a section for sensory play. 

I would love to return to play again! I heard there is a promotion for its opening week (1st to 8th May 2016). The owners are offering 10% discount on its retail items and 5% off its weekday membership. 

I will let Mummy tell you more, but from my point of view, this is a place worth checking out if you are in my age group. Ttfn. 

Word from Mummy: 

I think the owners have put in much thought in conceptualising the centre. Many educationally rich resources are housed under one roof and that sets the centre apart from other indoor playgrounds. Parents can utilise many different resources within the given time frame and spend fruitful time with their children. 

Here are some details about Busy Tables:

Venue: 35 Rochester Drive 
Rochester Mall #03-22

Opening times: 10a.m. to 7.30p.m. daily

The payment structure is as follows: 
$15 (for children above 1)
$10 (for children between 0 and 1)
Siblings who are less than 6 months old get free admission (Limited to one sibling per paying child)
1 accompanying adult enters free while subsequent adults pay $2 each. 
Each entry on weekdays is up to 2 hours and each entry on weekends is up to 1 hour. 
Please refer to their FaceBook page for more information. 

The generous owners are giving one free entry to 5 local readers of this blog. 
To qualify, simply 
1) Visit their Facebook page and 
2) Leave your email address and name (optional) in the comments section of this blog post. 
To increase your chances of winning, state why you would like to visit Busy Tables, along with your email address. The giveaway ends this Friday (6 May 2016) at 1600 Singapore time. 

The winners, selected by a randomiser, will be contacted by the owners. All the best. :)

Update on 7 May:
The winners have been selected. They are:

Thank you everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners. :)


The Ponderer said...
-the multimodal and multisensory set-up sounds very stimulating for the young brains! Will love to go!

Henry + Bernice said...
- looks like loads of fun, with lots of things to learn! Would love to bring little Shannon (2.5 yr old) there.

Janie said...
Little Cara will love to visit Busy Tables. Looks like a very fun place!

Nicholas Wong said...
This is a new and great concept which I do not see it in Singapore so far. There are lots of indoor playground which cultivated motor and pretend play skills but Busy Tables provide great choices of educational resources for my child and saves us time to scout for learning materials. I can see it as a success and definitely bringing my little one here.

Anonymous said...

The place looks fun and has many learning activities. :)

ah phia said...

Sophia Heng -

Hope to win this so that I have an excuse to bring my toddler there! Otherwise we'll be procrastinating and end up forgetting to go! The dark room seems awesome, think my son will enjoy it! The other educational toys look good too; I like how it seems very organized! Hopefully when we go it's still as organized.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Emilyn Ewe said...

Looks fun and educational, hope to bring my girl there to enjoy the learning activities

Ching Yi Goh said...

The concept is interesting and will like to bring my gal to explore the dark room.

Sharlotte Le said...

Visited the fb page!
Would love to bring my soon to be 3 yo son for such an interesting and varied learning experience as well as to feed his inquisitive mind!

Harvey said...

Just visited and liked their page . Such a novel concept to introduce to my 16 month old son ! Busy tables does sound like a place we will visit and the location is bonus.

Anonymous said...

This concept was in my mind for a long time! I would love to I take my girls (5 yrs and 3 yrs) there. There is really no place to store all the educational stuff for kids at home and this place is a wish come true!

Pea said...

Hi Harvey, please leave your email address to qualify for the giveaway. Thanks. :)