Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe is in Town

Hello Kitty Cafe is in town and no, I am not referring to the Hello Kitty Orchid Cafe that will be opening at Changi Airport on 12 May. Instead, I am speaking of a "cafe" that Little An and I set up at home with a tea set that she has.

A conversation with a colleague reminded me that I had not done pretend play with An for a long time, so on a free morning, we set up the tea set and 'invited' Barney, Hello Kitty and Bear to our cafe. Little An had fun pouring Yakult into the tea cups and 'feeding' the drinks to her guests. She was also taught how to host by saying "I am so glad you can join us." and "Barney, would you like some?" We had fun.

With the help of J, we also made a very sweet snack for the cafe. We melted white cooking chocolate, dipped the marshmallow into the chocolate, then added the rainbow sprinkles. It was a sinful snack, but you'd bet the kids were totally thrilled.

Thank God for the lovely time with the kids :)

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