Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Holiday Fun

Dear J and An,

I am so thankful for the holidays - no hurrying around, no early morning waking. Bliss.

There are so many activities that cater to children this holidays that I am almost at a loss of which to choose. I also need to ensure there is some down time each day so we do not get tired out. (J, you chose to use some of your resting time to brush up on Chinese. I am so impressed by your motivation. Keep it up, J. )

So far, we have been to the Maritime Experiential Museum for their Imagine Native programme, the Esplanade to tackle the temporarily erected maze, the Night Safari and the National Museum's Masak Masak. We have also watched the Angry Birds Movie. We enjoyed all the activities and I am putting them down in record to remember our experiences.

Imagine Native at Maritime Museum and RWS

When we first arrived at the Maritime Museum, there was a talk going on by Anita Sebastian, the author of the Ranger Anne series. We did not want to barge in halfway through, so we went to the tanks where we had the opportunity to touch sea stars, sea snails, sea cucumber and horseshoe crabs. We also saw sharks being fed.

We attended Anita's second workshop where she provided materials to make an aquarium. J, you helped Little An when you could. Good job on that! You also went up to Anita and asked if she had gone to your school before. You are improving in confidence. Jia you, my dear J.

There were also stage performances and J won a pen for dancing well. Congratulations. :) We spent quite a bit of time browsing books and we acquired some books at 15% discount.

I think you both and our companions really enjoyed the impromptu activities after dinner. You wanted to go on the Megabounce but the staff had gone for a break and we had to wait about 40 minutes. We took a walk and you stopped at every water feature and got yourselves quite wet!

The day ended at the Megabounce. Little An, you were very brave. You were smiling away even when you were swung very high up. I heard a passerby tell his son to "look at that little girl". In time to come, we will send you for gym lessons. :) J, you preferred to bounce at a lower height although you were still smiling when you asked for the ropes to be lowered. I think both of you enjoyed yourselves. 

Flipside at the Esplanade

We went to the Esplanade to try out a temporary maze. We had to solve puzzles at various points in the maze before we could proceed and I thought this was J's cup of tea. It was indeed. I relaxed while J solved the mathematical questions. They were quite simple and we made it out of the maze in no time. 

We attempted the maze twice as we saw some more challenging doors for those who went the wrong direction. One of the doors was quite difficult to unlock and we gave up since there were a number of people waiting to have a go. 

As we walked towards the carpark, we saw a roving human piano and you both volunteered to play it. I was impressed by your courage. At the end of your 'composition', everyone clapped for the World Premiere piece that would never be heard again. Haha. 

Night Safari 

I managed to get corporate passes to the Night Safari. This was An's first visit to the Night Safari on Singapore, though she had been to the one in Chiangmai. We enjoyed the Creatures of the Night show but it seemed to be much shorter than how I remembered it. We also saw many animals along the walking trails and I am awed again by God's creativity. There are so many kinds of deer that I simply cannot remember their names! I thought the Malayan tapir was beautiful and was disappointed I did not get a picture of two tapirs which came very close to our tram. Little An was quite lulled by the bumpy motion of the tram and almost fell asleep!

These are some of my feeble shots of the animals we saw. How many do you recognise?

The Angry Bird Movie

The Angry Bird Movie was fun and we burst out laughing quite a bit. An saw us laughing and laughed too. I was glad that the outcast Red was eventually accepted into the Angry Bird community and they even rebuilt his house to honour him for his courage. This was the first movie we enjoyed as a family of four for the record. 

I will write about Masak Masak on another occasion since only An went with me. Looking forward to spending more time with you this hols. 

Love you, 
Mama. :) 

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