Thursday, 26 May 2016

Outings Galore

Dear Family, 

This letter contains a record of some of our recent outings. I always enjoy hanging out with all of you (even when Papa makes facetious remarks heh) and I hope you love family time as much as I do. :) 

1) Charlie Brown Night 

When J found out that the Peanuts exhibition at the Philatelic Museum was to come to a close at the end of April, he requested to visit the museum. He was introduced to Peanuts through The Peanuts Movie and had seen photos of Little An checking out the Peanuts stamps collection. We fulfilled his wish one evening (a week before SA1!) and even dined at the Charlie Brown Cafe at Orchard Cineplex to complete the Peanuts experience. 

Little An, during this outing, you pretended to take popcorn from Charlie Brown's container, then proceeded to chomp on it! We have photographic evidence: 

J and Papa, you both were glued to the TV screen at the Charlie Brown Cafe. I could not get a word in to either of you, so I talked to An. Horror of horrors! She eventually got lured to the dark side and I lost my only conversationalist! The green tea lava cake redeemed the situation and Little An took her seat next to me so she could share it with me. 

I enjoyed myself nonetheless, as it was rare that Papa could go on an outing with us on a weekday evening. 

2) BBQ Under the Stars

BBQ Under the Stars took place at Port of Lost Wonders in Sentosa. For this outing, we had the company of Da Jiu's family, Yipo and Aunty Alice. Papa could not make it as he was working. J was very sweet and suggested going to the BBQ again so that Papa could enjoy the experience with us. 

J and An, you enjoyed going on the water slides. Your enthusiasm was infectious and I was lured to going on the slides over and over again with the both of you. Play time was halted for dinner and you slurped up your pasta in no time. I enjoyed my succulent hamburger and BBQ chicken wings, but could not sit for long as you were clamouring for my company in the waters again. Despite the fact that the temperature had dipped, you played merrily. 

After drying ourselves up, we went to the dry play area and you both built your own cities with tubes and blocks provided. J watched part of the screened movie until I called him out for free cotton candy, a rare treat for you two kids. 

We all had a good time although we were exhausted when we reached home. 

3) Future World and MBS Light and Sound Show

We went to the Future World exhibition to celebrate J's end of exams. We visited on a weekday evening and it was totally uncrowded. Compared to my first visit with An, we could spend unhurried time at each section. We practically had the whole hopscotch to ourselves and even I had a go at it. 

As I had read up on the Crystal Universe display after my first visit, I knew we could control the display by using an app. We were mesmerised by the lighting effects of the display and J and An took turns to manipulate the app. 

To end our evening, we caught the Marina Bay Sands Light and Sound Show. You kids and I were thrilled by the dancing waters and images projected on the fountains. Papa said the show reminded him of the musical fountain show that he had watched many times as a former staff of Sentosa and scorned at the show, but I know he secretly enjoyed himself. 

Papa and I were very impressed by An's energy. She skipped and leapt as we made our way to the car - on the Helix Bridge, past the floating platform and through the Esplanade. J was visibly tired after a busy day at school, but he trudged on with us. I just felt happy that all four of us were together. 

Thank you for your company, my dearest family. May the good Lord always bless you and keep you and make His face shine on you. 


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