Sunday, 8 May 2016

This Mother's Day

Dearest J,

This Mother's Day, I decided to write you a letter. After all, it was to you whom I first became a mother. It has been eight and a half years, but I can vividly remember the day I first cradled you. I was so excited with your birth that I texted many friends and relatives about your arrival as soon as I could and people arrived to see you even before I was assigned to a ward.

Since that day, you have brought much joy to me. Today alone, I was pleased to see you playing well with your little sister. In the afternoon, you set up a "shop" with her and taught her how to buy things with money. After dinner, you took her hand and strolled down the aisles of the supermarket we were at. It was no wonder that your little sis suddenly exclaimed this in the car on the way home: Gege, you are so nice to me.

You can also be creative. Today, you sat on a pillow and said, "I am a legendary wise old man. An, tell me your problem." You proceeded to look at a book and pretended to find the solution to a problem. It was quite funny.

People say girls are sweet, but you have proven that boys can be sweet too. Yesterday, you hid a note in your bag and told me to search for it. In the note, you wished me a happy mother's day and that God would bless me all the days of my life. Popo also bought you two small cards to write to me. I was so pleased with what you wrote:

The first was written on behalf of your sister. The second was a note from you. Thank you, J. 

You have also been well-behaved in school. We have not had a word of complaint from any of your teachers since you started school in N1. You yourself said recently," I realised that in all my years in school, all my teachers have been very kind to me because I am very well-behaved." Even when you forgot to bring home your homework, you told us your teacher did not scold you! Hope you would be conscientious and responsible in response to your teachers' kindness. Please also be kind to your friends even when they annoy you.

I am very pleased with your attitude towards learning English, math and science. You would read your Murderous Math books on your own and ask me questions like "If t! = 6, what is t?". You also listened intently to Papa explain the Periodic Table to you. You got interested in Chemistry when you read Sir Fong's science books and one day, you said "H2 + O2 = H20". I told you that the correct equation should be 2H2+O2=2H2O and that sent you consulting Papa. You also said earnestly, "English is a dynamic language which is constantly evolving." Haha. I was very amused with the way you said it. Keep pursuing knowledge without being restricted by school syllabi. Hope your positive learning attitude would also be extended to Chinese and the playing of the two musical instruments.

You are becoming more independent. You wash your cutlery after use sometimes and Papa has also taught you how to scrub your shoes. You are more adept at cutting your fingernails and we can trust you to look after your sister when you are not engrossed in a book. Recently, you did a good job at protecting her in a bouncy castle where she was the only girl jumping.

Like all mothers, I have also worried about you. I have been anxious about your Chinese exam, your friendships, your character and so on. In such times, God reminds me to cast my anxiety upon Him for He cares for me. He also tells me in Philippians 4:6,7 not to be anxious for anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus. I hope you will remember that too, that in any circumstance, you can always depend on Jesus.

I love you, J and will always do. God bless you in whatever you do and in wherever you go.


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